How long does it take to get a payout from TopCashback?

After you have sent the image of your receipt to us, the cashback amount will track to your account Earnings at pending status within 1 hour. It can then take up to 30 days for the cashback to be approved and made payable (the point at which you can withdraw your cashback).

Is TopCashback a con?

If you’re wondering, is TopCashBack legit? Or, whether it is safe to use, then the answer is, Yes! It’s a reliable platform that offers terrific cashback deals and accessible features to help you save money while you shop.

How do you use cashback on TopCashback?

Once you have confirmation of your payout, visit the ‘My Gift & Prepaid Cards’ section in your account to redeem your voucher. Once redeemed, head back to our site to check we offer cashback on your chosen brand; spend your voucher through us and earn even more cashback.

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How long does it take to get a payout from TopCashback? – Related Questions

Does TopCashback charge a fee?

TopCashback is completely free to join. If you opt for a Classic account, then the site will be completely free for you to use as well.

Does TopCashback work automatically?

It can take up to 7 days for your cashback to show in your account as ‘pending’. We then need to wait until the retailer confirms your purchase and for them to pay us. This can take on average between 1-3 months. Once we have your cashback, it’ll become ‘payable’ in your account.

What is cash back and how does it work?

What is cashback? When you buy something, you get a percentage of the amount it cost paid back to you. This means cashback is a way of getting money off things you buy – think of it like a discount or incentive. It’s normally a feature of credit cards, but some current accounts also offer cashback.

How does TopCashback app work?

HomeTopCashback FAQs and HelpHow does TopCashback work? It’s really simple. Every time you click through and purchase something from one of the 4,000 major retailers featured on TopCashback, the retailer pays us a commission for referring you to their website. We pass 100% of this commission back to you as ‘cashback’.

What is reward wallet?

The Reward Wallet is a non-trading account that mirrors your Partner Personal Area’s (PA) Reward Account, used to track and manage partner rewards. Both investors and strategy providers can be partners, while the Social Trading app can be used to manage this Reward Wallet.

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Can I use TopCashback and Rakuten at the same time?

TCB will match those high Rakuten rates, but they require you to fill out an online form in order to get the cashback rate match. Because a combination of both sites would equal the PERFECT cashback site, I recommend signing up for both Rakuten and TopCashBack.

Which is better TopCashback or Rakuten?

Who offers the best rates? TopCashback offers 100% of the commission back to its members and consistently features higher cash back rates than Rakuten. Our comparison tool has found that we offer higher rates for the majority of the merchants listed on both sites.

Can you use two cashback sites?

So, to get it out of the way, it is almost impossible to stack cashback offers on different sites. This is due to most websites tracking your cookies and overriding the offer of another. If you have multiple accounts that you are signed into, you will often be given the best offer.

Can you use multiple cashback apps at once?

Yes, you can use multiple rebate apps, but it takes a little bit of planning, strategy, and skill. These rebate apps aren’t the same as the coupons of yore because with rebate apps you often get reimbursed after your purchase rather than at the register.

Which receipt app pays the most?

Best cash-back apps of 2022
  • Managing grocery store coupons is the specialty of the app.
  • Dosh. Dosh adds hotels into the retail and dining-out discount mix.
  • Fetch Rewards.
  • GetUpside.
  • Ibotta.
  • Rakuten.
  • Receipt Hog.
  • RetailMeNot.

How do I become a couponer?

Can you use the same receipt for different cash back apps?

You may be able to get cashback from multiple apps for the same purchase. It depends on how the apps work and the specific purchase you’re making. We’ve covered a few examples of how it works in this article. Plus, you can easily stack cashback from apps on top of the cashback or rewards you earn from credit cards.

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How can I get my money back from receipts?

7 Unique Ways to Earn Money With Your Receipts
  1. Scan Your Receipt with Ibotta. Picture Source.
  2. Earn Coins from Receipt Hog. Picture Source.
  3. Take Photos of Your Receipt for CoinOut. Picture Source.
  4. Get a Refund on Price Drops.
  5. Optimize Your Web Brower with Rebate Extensions.
  6. 6. Mail-In a Rebate Offer.
  7. Take Surveys On Your Receipt.

How do you use cashback app?

After signing up, you can download the app or visit the ShopBack site. Your favorite stores are already accessible within the app or website. All you have to do within your chosen store’s tab is to click “Activate Cashback” and make your purchase from the app/site.

Why do apps give you money for receipts?

Some of these apps work by letting shoppers search for offers or deals from their favorite retailers, and then uploading receipts showing the purchase of these items. Within 48 hours of uploading these receipts, shoppers receive cash back for qualifying purchases.

Can you make money by taking pictures of receipts?

All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt or shop through the Ibotta app. Bonus: You’ll pocket a $5 when you upload your first receipt. To avoid overspending, make your list first, then see if the app has available offers for what you need.

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