What size socket do I need for a Toro lawn mower spark plug?

Replacement spark plugs. 13/16 in socket. Ratchet.

What is champion RC12YC spark plug used for?

Champion RC12YC Spark Plug delivers the fast and efficient starts that you need when powering up your lawn and garden equipment. Once operating, your outdoor power equipment will run smoothly without misfires that can occur with old and worn spark plugs.

What does a champion J19LM fit?

The Champion J19LM is a spark plug. It is designed for chainsaws, lawnmowers, pumps and trimmers. This standard spark plug is made of nickel alloy eletrodes with a copper core.

What is equivalent to a champion RJ19LM?

NGK BR2LM Replaces Champion RJ19LM Small Engine Spark Plug, 5798.

What replaces a champion RC12YC?

NGK BKR5ES Spark Plug Replaces Champion RC12YC RC14YC, 2460.

What replaces a J19LM spark plug?

NGK B2-LM Replaces Champion J19LM.

What size is a RJ19LM spark plug?

This spark plug has a thread diameter of 14 mm, a reach of 19 mm and a hex size of 21 mm.

What E3 spark plug replaces RJ19LM?

The E3 Small-Engine Spark Plug replaces a wide variety of spark plugs used in small engines. Cross to Champion spark plugs J8, J8C, J17LM, J19LM, RJ8, RJ8C, RJ12YC, RJ17LM, RJ19LM and 5861. NGK Spark Plugs B2LM, B2LMY, B4LM, B4LMY, BPR5S, BPR6S, BR2LM and BR4LM.

What Champion Spark Plug is equivalent to NGK BPR6ES?

NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug Replaces Champion RN7YC RN9YC RN10YC RN11YC4, 7131.

What does a NGK BPR5ES fit?

Genuine NGK BPR5ES

This spark plug is recommended by some manufacturers including Honda and Toro to combat fuel related running issues. It is featured on Honda and Toro Walk Mowers, Toro and Exmark Riding Mowers, Honda generators, pumps and thousands of other engines.

Does it matter what spark plugs you use in lawn mower?

Lawn mower engines are designed to use spark plugs with certain dimensions. If you try to use the wrong spark plug in your lawn mower, you could end up with some issues.

What size is a BPR6ES?

NGK Spark Plug: Automotive, Nickel Core, 13/16 in Hex Size, 0.551 in Thread Size, Platinum, BPR6ES.

What does a champion RA8HC spark plug fit?

Champion 810 RA8HC Spark Plug. Dependable performance. This Champion spark plug features a copper core electrode that provides increased conductivity and heat control for good overall wear. Fits Evinrude/Johnson, Mercury Marine, Mariner, Honda, Nissan/Tohatsu and Yamaha engines.

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What size is champion RC12YC?

Champion RC12YC Spark Plug, 0.032 to 0.038 in Fill Gap, 0.551 in Thread, 5/8 in Hex, Copper, For: 4-Cycle Engines.

What does a Champion spark plug RCJ7Y fit?

This Oregon® spark plug fits Alpina, Castor, Dynamark, Husqvarna, Jonsered, Lombard, Olympyk and Solo chainsaws.

Can I use RCJ6Y instead of RCJ7Y?

If the engine manual recommends a RCJ6Y, but the only replacement available is RCJ7Y, I would use it. see less According to Champion Heat Range Chart, Federal-Mogul Document #1521 RCJ8Y, RCJ7Y and RCJ6Y are same Thread Size (14mm, 3/8″ reach, 3/4″ hex).

What does the R mean on a Champion spark plug?

[R] Resistor – If an R is present, this indicates a resistor type spark plug. Resistor type spark plugs reduce the amount of radio frequency interference (RFI) that can cause ignition misfires and static on the radio. [V] Shell Design – This refers to the thread size and reach of the spark plug.

What does a BPR6ES spark plug fit?

NGK 7131 BPR6ES Standard Spark Plug. NGK’s Standard Plugs are Constructed for Longer Life and Optimum Performance. Fits Evinrude/Johnson outboard engines and Chrysler, Mercury Marine and Volvo Penta inboard engines.

How do I know what spark plug my lawnmower needs?

Your owner’s manual should list the type of spark plug you need.

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