What size chain does a Stihl 251c have?

What chain goes on a Stihl MS251?

STIHL recommends the use of green reduced kickback bars and green low kickback chains on all STIHL chainsaws.

What size bar is on a Stihl ms251c?

Bar Length 16″ (62 Links) / 18″ (68 Links Bar Length 16″ (62 Links) / 18″ (68 Links

How can I tell what size my Stihl chain is?

If you are replacing a Stihl® chain, you can look at the numbers on the side of the chain to determine pitch, gauge, and other characteristics of the chain. Example: Your chain has the number 33RM2 stamped in the side of it. The last three numbers (or letters) denote characteristics of the chain.

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What size chain does a Stihl 251c have? – Related Questions

How do I know what size chain I need for my chain?

To determine the pitch (chain size), you’ll need to measure the distance between any three consecutive rivets, then divide the result by 2. The rivets are the small, round pegs/studs that hold the chain segments together. Measure from the first to the third, then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

How do I know what size chain I have?

Oftentimes the plates are stamped with chain size (i.e. 40, 08B, C2040, etc.). These can come in the form of numbers or letters stamped on the outside of the side plate and can help you to look up the full dimensions of your chain via manufacturer provided information.

What size bar is on my Stihl chainsaw?

In-Tree and Electric Saws

Stihl’s electric saws come in three different sizes: the MSE 140 can handle a bar between 12 and 16 inches, the MSE 180 can take a bigger 18-inch bar, and the MSE 220 takes a bar between 16 and 20 inches. The little battery-powered MSA 160 is equipped with a 12-inch bar.

What do the numbers on a Stihl chainsaw chain mean?

Find the gauge of the chain by locating the number stamped on the drive link. A 1 equals a 0.043-inch gauge, 3 equals a 0.050-inch gauge, 5 corresponds to a 0.058-inch gauge, 6 means the chain has a 0.063-inch gauge. A 0 means the chain has a 0.080-inch gauge, but this gauge size is found only on the Harvester chain.

What’s the difference between green and yellow STIHL chains?

1 kickback standard. STIHL’s low-kickback chain features a green tie strap that identifies each loop as “low-kickback” chain that meets the ANSI standard. Recommended for both the experienced and inexperienced chainsaw user. Yellow (caution) marks products with increased risk of kickback injury.

What size file for .325 chain?

325 chain size, 3/16″ file size.

What pitch is a .325 chainsaw chain?

The new high-performance saw chain in the . 325″ chain pitch and 1.3 mm drive link thickness is suitable for felling, delimbing, sawing firewood, and maintaining young stands. Its narrower saw kerf enables the .

Technical specifications.

Technical specificationsValue
Drive link thickness1,3mm/.050″

1 more row

What chain is a 13 64 file for?

13/64” (5.2mm) suits 3/8” Chain.

What chain is a 7 32 file for?

Description. Oregon’s 7/32-Inch (5.5 mm) high-quality Swiss-made round professional chainsaw chain sharpening files to sharpen 3/8-Inch, . 404-Inch Saw Chains.

Can I use a 7 32 file for 3 8 chain?

In most cases, a 7/32″ file will be adequate for a 3/8 0.050 pitch chain.

Do I have a 1/8 or a 3 32 chain?

What does a 3/32 chain mean?

A 1/8″ chain is 3.18 mm, and a 3/32″ chain is 2.30 mm. The argument usually ends in favour of the wider 1/8″ chain, but in the real world, you’ll not notice a vast difference provided all your parts are fitted and maintained correctly.

Should the thicker chain be longer or shorter?

With men’s chain necklaces, the general rule of thumb is that the thinner the chain, the shorter it should be, and the thicker it is, the longer it should be. With that being said, you can absolutely wear, say, an 8mm-thick 18” chain if you wanted to. You could also rock a 2mm-thick 26” chain.

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