What does intensity mean for Frenchie?

The I Locus (Intensity) corresponds to the MFSD12 gene that is important in determining the shade of the light pigment (phaeomelanin) in dogs. Mutations in this gene modify the expression of the phaeomelanin (reds, yellows and creams) in the hair resulting in an extreme lightening of the coat color of dogs.

What’s the difference between l1 and l4 Fluffy?

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What does L1 mean in French Bulldogs?

Long-Hair (Fluffy)

There are different numbers sometimes associated with the gene (L1,L2,etc) but if two copies of this gene are present it will produce a fluffy Frenchie. L/L (no copies) – dog does not carry the gene. L/l (one copy) – dog carries, but does not display long hair.

What is L1 L4 in Frenchies?

The French bulldog Coat Length test is designed to look for both coat length mutations found in the breed (L1 and L4). L4 is slightly more common than L1 but both may lead to fluffy dogs. Any combination of two L alleles (L4/L4, L4/L1, or L1/L1) will result in a fluffy coat.

What does L4 fluffy mean?

A full fluffy dog is the same as a classic french bulldog but carries 2 copies of a recessive long hair gene called L1 or L4. They have medium length wavy hair which covers them from head to paw. In addition to this, they can still be pure bred french bulldogs.

What does D D mean in French Bulldogs?

The D Gene

Two alleles (variants) are described: the dominant full colour (D) and the recessive dilute (d). Two copies of dilute are needed to lighten black pigment to grey (often called blue) and red pigment to cream (also called buff).

How do you know if your French Bulldog carries the fluffy gene?

Genetic testing of the FGF5 gene will reliably determine whether a dog is a genetic Carrier of long hair. Long hair is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive fashion, meaning that two copies of the Lh variant are required to produce long hair.

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What does L4 mean in French Bulldogs?

Long haired French Bulldogs have medium length wavy hair over their ears, head, back and chest. Giving them that characteristic fluffy Frenchie look! They are true purebred French Bulldogs, but carry two copies of a recessive long hair gene called L4.

At what age do Frenchies get Ivdd?

Multiple disks can be affected and degeneration usually begins at an early age, with clinical signs appearing by 3 years of age. Type I IVDD typically occurs in chondrodystrophic breeds.

What is the fluffy gene in French Bulldogs?

Typically, French Bulldogs have short, rough hair. However, there are some out there that carry a gene that makes them have slightly longer, fluffy hair. This gene is known as the LH gene and is present within the French Bulldog population naturally.

What 2 dogs make a fluffy French bulldog?

The breed was historically developed in the 1800s and was a cross between an English Bulldog and local ratter dogs in France. One can argue that these “local ratter” dogs could have been long coated or carried long hair gene which has been carried through the generations.

How much is a fluffy Frenchie worth?

The average cost of a French Bulldog puppy is $3,500… but some colors are more expensive than others.

French Bulldog Price Chart.

Fluffy Frenchie$12,000+

What is a platinum French Bulldog?

A Platinum French Bulldog is a white to cream-colored French Bulldog with color dilution around the eyes, lips, nose, and paw pads.

What is the most rare French Bulldog color?

The rarest colors of French Bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. Add that Merle coats. A blue merle is perhaps the rarest of them all. In a world where a standard French Bulldog costs several thousand dollars, these rare colors can sell for tens of thousands.

How much is a blue Frenchie worth?

Blue French Bulldogs from professional breeders can range in price from $1,500 to $4,000 and higher in the United States, sometimes costing more than double the price of a standard Frenchie.

How do you get a blue Frenchie?

In order to ‘create’ this rare colored Frenchie, a breeder needs to select a blue French bulldog and a merle Frenchie. Since merle is a dominant gene, there are 90 % to get a blue merle puppy litter. The M locus is the home of the merle allele.

Can you breed 2 blue Frenchies?

In recent times it does not hold true any longer since related blue french bull dogs are no longer bred with each other. The gene pool is now large enough to have several healthy non related blue french bull dogs which can be bred with each other to create healthy blue puppies.

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