What do you need to make a super compactor 3000?

The Super Compactor 3000 recipe is unlocked from Cobblestone Collection X. It is crafted using 448 Enchanted Cobblestone and 1 Enchanted Redstone Block.

What items can go in the Personal compactor 4000?

Personal Compactor 4000
  • Bat.
  • Fish Affinity.
  • Lynx.
  • Treasure.
  • Mineral.
  • Bits.
  • Blue Jerry.
  • Blaze.

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What does a super compactor 3000 do?

Usage. Super Compactor 3000 compacts all the items in the minion’s inventory once the minion makes produce. This means that Super Compactor 3000 doesn’t compact if it is given to a minion with full inventory.

What does a super compactor 7000 do?

. Its ability turns certain materials in the inventory into their enchanted form similar to the Super Compactor 3000. This saves time crafting when grinding large quantities of items or collecting drops from minions.

How many slots does a super compactor 5000 have?

It has 3 Slots.

How do you make a compactor in Minecraft?

Does super compactor work on gold minion?

To effectively use the Gold Minion to get Gold Ingots, you should use a Dwarven Super Compactor and Diamond Spreading. If you don’t have a Dwarven Super Compactor, then you can use an Auto Smelter and a Super Compactor 3000, however this will leave no room for Diamond Spreading.

Do snow minions need compactors and super compactors?

However, using Super Compactors will allow the minion to fill up much slower, as using Compactors overnight will often result in a full minion by morning. Also, if a super compactor is used, remember to take out only the enchanted snow and NOT the snowballs; otherwise, the player’s inventory will fill up very fast.

What should you not throw in a compactor?

Things you should not put into your trash compactor
  • Oils and grease.
  • Pasta and rice.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Bones.
  • Fibrous vegetables (celery, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Wood products or wooden materials.
  • Aerosol or pressurized cans.
  • Toxic chemicals.

Is tarantula minion better than snow?

Both of them are consistent, but bad for money. if you have spider slayer 5, you should get a few t3 or t5 tarantula minions,as they make way more money than snow. Some people say that snow is best for money, but that is simply wrong. snow was used in the past to get mining xp, but now its a slow and bad way to get it.

Are clay minions better than fishing?

T11 Clay minions are better than all fishing minion tiers except t11, plus they give a lot of money. Clay minions would serve you better in the long run.

How much fishing XP does a clay minion give?

TL;DR: 10 T11 Clay Minions produce 10,828 fishing experience per day, and 324,000 coin profit per day if you sell to NPC.

How do clay minions make money?

Clay Minions produce and collect clay. Clay minions are generally used to make money from selling to NPCs. If you are still using this minion for money, put an Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, and Diamond Spreading for the most amount of profit.

How much money does a Tier 11 diamond minion make?

Trivia. A Tier 11 Snow Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 2.6k diamonds per day while a Tier 11 Diamond Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 3k per day. It is recommended to use the Revenant Minion instead of this minion because of the Diamond Minion’s low speed.

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What is the best minion for profit?

While costing way more money, Tarantula Minions will make the most money from both NPC and Bazaar Sales. Therefore, they are recommended for Endgame Players instead of Snow and Clay Minions.

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