What are Katherine Hepburn brownies?

Katharine Hepburn brownies are an American classic and so easy to make with everyday pantry ingredients. Turns out dark, rich, intense, chewy fudge brownies. One of our most popular chocolate desserts. Here’s the original recipe.

What should I put on top of my brownie?

Featured recipes:
  1. black forest: cherry pie filling + dark chocolate squares.
  2. tahini: swirl in raw tahini + sesame seeds (halva optional)
  3. oreo: top with crushed oreos.
  4. salted pretzel: top with pretzels and sea salt flakes, add melted caramel if desired.
  5. granola: top with your favorite granola.

What can I add to boxed brownie mix?

  1. Add chunks of your favorite chocolate candy bar to the mix.
  2. Add vanilla extract to the brownie mix.
  3. Add chocolate chips to the brownie mix before baking.
  4. Top your brownies with white, chocolate or peanut butter chips after they bake.
  5. Add marshmallows to the brownie mix.
  6. Add chopped nuts to your brownie mix.

What can we add to a brownie in order to enhance its taste?

Here are some ideas:
  1. Add a teaspoon of instant espresso powder to amp up the chocolate flavor.
  2. Swirl in dollops of peanut butter.
  3. Add an extra egg yolk to make the brownies a little richer.
  4. Add 1/2 cup chocolate chips.
  5. Add 1/2 cup chopped walnuts.
  6. Add 1/2 cup peppermint pieces.
  7. Add a large handful of mini pretzels.

What are Katherine Hepburn brownies? – Related Questions

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What does adding milk instead of water do to brownies?

Sticking with the theme of richer flavored brownies, using milk instead of water is an absolute MUST. The fat from the milk adds flavor and fudgy texture that water just can’t achieve. If you want to add even more flavor, use one of your favorite flavored coffee creamers instead of water or milk.

How do you doctor up brownies?

  1. Add more chocolate. It’s easy to bring even more chocolatey goodness to brownies when you throw in a handful of chocolate chips.
  2. Mix in fruit and nuts.
  3. Use milk instead of water.
  4. Add coffee.
  5. Use a dash of vanilla.
  6. Give them a salty spin.
  7. Top them with something festive.
  8. Mix in candy.

How do you fix bland brownies?

You could thin a little syrup or honey with water and brush it on the top of the brownies so that it soaks in a sweetens them a little.

How do you make brownies taste less bitter?

If you want your brownies less bitter then you may want to reduce the cocoa some, or add more sugar, or do both. Try reducing your cocoa by 2 tbsp and adding 2 tbsp more sugar, adjust the ratios that way until you have the right balance.

How do you adjust the sweetness in brownies?

If you have ready my recipes before, you will notice that I always add some salt to my baked goods to balance out the sweetness of whatever I am baking. Same goes for these boxed brownies. Adding a little bit of salt to the batter will add an interesting deep chocolate flavor without being too sweet.

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Do brownies taste better with butter or oil?

Butter is the more flavorful choice, but it should be noted that butter contains milk solids and lactic acid, which react during leavening (particularly when a chemical leavener like baking powder is added) to aerate the batter, helping it rise. Essentially, this means that butter can help to produce a cakier brownie.

What is the key to fudgy brownies?

Fudgy brownies benefit from less cocoa powder and the addition of chopped chocolate, which gets melted with the butter to create a thick, molten base. Pulling them out of the oven before a toothpick comes out clean also ensures the center stays fudge-like and gooey.

Why do boxed brownies taste better than homemade?

Box brownie mixes call for vegetable oil as the shortening, which makes them nice and chewy. The chocolate comes from cocoa powder, which gives box brownies a lighter, less rich chocolate flavor than the homemade variety.

What can I add to brownies to make them chewy?

Unsalted melted butter – Most box brownie recipes call for vegetable oil, but swapping it out with with melted butter helps create chewy, fudgy texture with rich bakery-style flavor.

What is the secret to moist brownies?

Use milk instead of water.

Milk contains more fat and flavor than water so the brownies are even more moist, gooey, and delicious.

What is the difference between chewy and fudgy brownies?

Fudgy brownies are moist, dense and gooey, with almost the texture of fudge, but not quite as compact. Chewy brownies are dense (like fudgy brownies), but have a little more “bite” to them or elastic texture when you chew them.

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Is oil or butter better for fudgy brownies?

* This is because butter contains milk solids and lactic acids, which react during leavening to help the batter rise. Using a neutral cooking oil—like vegetable or canola oil—does not aid in aeration, so your brownies stay decadently fudgy and moist.

How do you keep brownies soft and moist?

Store brownies at room temperature by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap or foil, or by placing them in an airtight container, such as a lidded tray or Tupperware container. This will prevent your brownies from going stale and keep possible contaminants out.

Should I refrigerate brownies overnight?

So should you store brownies in the refrigerator? No. Fully-cooked brownies will last a while, a week or more. Properly stored and vacuum sealed, they will last much longer and there is no reason to store them in the refrigerator.

Do brownies go on the top or bottom rack?

The middle oven rack is the happy place where air is circulating, the heat sources are evenly distributed, and tops and bottoms aren’t in danger of burning or browning too quickly. It’s the perfect place for cakes, cookies, and brownies to stay and bake.

Should brownies be baked covered or uncovered?

A great way to help your brownies cook in the center without burning the edges is to cover them with aluminum foil and continue baking until they are done.

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