How To Start a Profitable Blog That Makes Money Online

Blogging is the act or practice of continually updating an online/web page with fresh new content about an issue of interest, topic, niche, focus and events.

The first requirement for anyone to be a successful blogger is the ability to write quality content, there are many other ways like “vlogging” whereby all you do is create videos and upload on youtube, but the commonest and often practice culture of blogging is writing of articles.

Blog is just like press release, news paper, magazine but its run on the internet and people all over the wold with access to internet can view what you are doing and access the information you’ve provided or wrote on your blog, as long as they can access google or other search engine through their internet.

Impact of Blogging is enormous beyond what you can earn from it, you are making a great impact because you are contributing to the level of solutions available online for society, people, nations, students, institutions and so on.

Yeah I know majority of bloggers out there even though they are adding values through their blog are still primarily doing it to make money, now making money is awesome, because when there is a prize to be won, then your sacrifice will be worth it.

So starting a Blog; you know the first thing, you must be a writer (don’t worry, you can start with that poor writing skill, over time consistency will help you to develop your writing skills).

To be a successful blogger, you must be ready to write new quality keyword rich articles always.

Benefits of starting a blog

  1. To establish yourself as a top master in your Niche : You can dominate your niche “area of specialization” and let the world recognize you as a don, through your articles in your consistent blogging, many doctors around the world as shared their perspective, experience, research findings to the entire world and this information goes a long way to meet people’s need.
  2.  It is yet another platform to add value to life, you come up with your own story, what you are doing, who you are, and what you want the world to know about you and what you do, blogging is a Great way to values to the world by providing quality information on your blog.
  3. Selling and Business benefits : You can start a business and meet all your customers, clients online through your blog; if you have books, then your blog is just a perfect place to sell them, because your readers must have build some height of confidence and trust in you and with that, they will be the first to buy your book.

If you are a don anything, you can create a blog in that line and from there you can build an online consultancy service for both your local business offline and much more by your blog.

  1. Blogging is also give you the ability to share your opinion about issues of life, and share it with the world.

5 . Blogging can also help you build a list for your business, an audience, fan targeted for a purpose.

  1. Blogging is also another lucrative business in the internet world, a lot of strong writers are now running a blog where they earn good money, bloggers like linda ikeji earns more than Billions from blogging and the list is still counting, so if you can be hardworking and consistent, the sky is actually your starting point.

Now that you know some of the benefits that lies in Blogging, I am sure you are ready to get started with your own blog.

What’s needed to start a successful Blog?

  1. Niche “keyword for a specific market” remember we are discussing about “profitable blogging”, not everything you feel like writing about can convert into profitable cash, so you must choose only niche and focus that can help you earn good income.
  2. A domain Name and Hosting : This might not be the case, with some bloggers that are hosted on and others from These are two free platforms for any blogger to create a free blog.
  3. Quality Content : There is a very common saying among bloggers, that the “content is king” the continuous of updating of your blog with quality new fresh content always is what will keep your blog of great relevance to people and readers across the world.
  4.  Quality Targeted Traffic : Traffic is a necessity, you can’t be writing and be reading your article by yourself, you need readers and visitors to come to your blog daily, traffic is one of the most important conditions that must be met if you want to make money with your blog, most ppc companies like google adsense, and so on earn you money base on traffic both impression and clicks, so the more the traffic you get, the more your income.
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If all you do, on your blog to make money, is to sell products and services; then you need more traffic so as to make sales and earn money.

Two major important factors, you must know to have success in your blogging career is that, the two major fuel that powers your blog to growth are “Traffic and Content”, creating content online in various aspect is not always easy, that is why you need passion and also you must choose from what you love doing, i choose business niche” because i know i can original articles on business and make money, so you must find that thing that you can write on it, all day and you won’t be tired or frustrated.

Before i started a business blog, I was running an agriculture blog, because i know a alot about farming, and agriculture, i find it easy to come up with new article and i rank pretty well.

Traffic comes when you write keyword oriented articles, the title must contain the keyword, good in-built links and backlink are some SEO Factors that determines your ranking ability.

Keyword means words and entry that people tend to put up on whenever they are searching for an information, a keyword is “how to make money” how to pass exams”, so whenever you write about any keyword that people searches online there are tendency that you will soon start to rank “your blog will appear on SERP For those entries whenever anyone searches for them”.

How to Start a Successful blog

  1. Create a Blog : This is the first step, after you might have consider the 1st list i gave you above, you must create your blog, there are basically two common platforms that people use for blogging; they are 1. Blogger, 2. Wordpress.

These are the two commonest blogging platform, research have it that blogger as the highest database because it is a free platform, you can just load and create a new blog but wordpress requires some little expertise and money, yo are going to get a free or paid wordpress theme, build and customise it so that your website can look very good.

But the truth is; if you want a professional looking blog with so much effectiveness and efficiency, then wordpress is the way to go.

  1. Choose a Domain Name : I was telling you, about the essence of keyword, it goes a long way to help you rank perfectly online, for instance, if you are writing on make money tips, and you get a domain “” you will rank faster than just using any name, keyword helps the search engine to pick you faster and show your post on SERP, So before buying a domain name, you must have run your keyword research, choose a specific niche where you want to dominate and stand there.
  2. Start Writing New Article : This is not an option, but rather its a necessity, you must write new article, it is important, i have told you at the beginning of this post, that copied content will be taken as a duplicate content by search engine (yahoo, google, bing, ask and the rest) and it will not rank anywhere.
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So to be a successful blogging, you must be a good prolific writer, apart from just creating new article, you must also be relationship, human and friendly in your write-up so that your readers will enjoy you and build a inter-personal relationship with you after reading your article.

If you can’t be consistent, you can hire a writer for your blog, that will keep it up to date while you pay the writer (you can contact me for a writing job).

  1.  Do Your Keyword Research Properly : This is very important and its one of the steps, new bloggers don’t take, if you want to rank faster on search engine, then before you write any article, you must first and foremost carry out a “keyword research” to know what keyword people are really using when they want to search for the information on google, if you are not writing your post title in accordance to keyword, you might tarry and not get traffic from search engine.

There are many tools you can use to carry out a keyword research; like google adword, google trend, longtail pro, and so on, but google adword is the most used tool to get search keyword results.

  1. Build a strong Relationship with your Readers : This is very important for any blogger, you must build a strong author to reader relationship, you know your blog is just like a book, and people will always want to know the author of the book they are reading, the same thing applies to blogging.

Fill your author bio with a little information about yourself, who you are, what you do and the reason why you create the blog, your service and any other products you offer.

  1. Promote Your Blog via Online Community : Now your new blog lacks traffic, while you awaits the search engine traffic, you can start promoting your blog via facebook, twitter, googleplus, linkedin, and so on, these are social media community where you can get targeted and interested readers to come to your blog, get to know you and subscribe to your blog for future post, you can also run adverts like google adword, facebook ads, twitter ads, to get your business to the world through your blog.
  2.  Be Consistent : This is very important, if  you must have a profitable business and money making blog, then you must approach it with a serious mind, you must be consistent always, write article always and drive traffic to it, as a matter of fact,  i recommend that you write daily as a new blogger.

That is one of the secrets by which search engine can easily get to know your url and ran you for some low competitive keywords.

  1. Make Your Blog User-friendly and Responsive : Your blog must be very attractive, if you want your readers to come back, again and again, your blogger template or wordpress theme must be an awesome one, that is why i recommend you hire my service for your blog creation, so that you can have an awesome looking blog, as a professional, we can help you create fantastic blog with an awesome template that will give a first visitor good impression about your blog.
  2. Create Free and Paid Products : This is yet another way to get audience attention, build trust and reputation, don’t just create a paid product, give a free one first before you start a premium, this is one of the secrets of top bloggers around the world, for instance; Linda Ikeji offers 1 Million naira Blog giveaway to her readers every month, this is good enough a reason for an old time blog reader to come back and thereby making her sustain her new and old blog traffic.
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Selling product in the area of your skill, is one of the winning secrets in Blogging, so you must create a product, if you are in health niche there are very hot product you can write on, and make money selling them online and on your blog, topics like  ” how to lose weight” that is one of the topics with the highest searches in the world, if you know a lot about weight lose (which you can know via internet) write an ebook on that and make good money doing it.

  1. Submit Your Blog to Search Engine : This is very important, it is very risky to ignore, you must submit your blog to search engines, like bing, google webmaster, that is the only way to give the search engine an access and authorization t rank your blog.

Blogs that are not submitted to search engine, will not rank on the search engine, and as a new blogger, you must understand the fact that the best source of blog traffic for you is “search engine”, over 1 billion people around the world users the search engine daily.

You can secure over 100,000,   500,000 to 1 million blog visitors from the search engine, but you must submit your blog to google webmaster, so that it can index your bog links and pick it up for certain keywords on search engine result page (SERP).

  1. Monetize Your Blog : This is very important, all the entire process i have listed above is a waste if you don’t monetize the blog at the end of the day, remember the post title is ” How to start a profitable blog” so you are reading this article because you want to learn how to start a profitable blog.

I had to share those other steps first before sharing on monetization, because you can monetize a new blog that is not yet in place, before you can think of making money with a blog, you must have create the blog, on a domain name, design the blog write at least 20 fresh articles on the blog, submit the blog to search engine.

There are many ways by which you can monetiize a blog, but you must choose a perfect one for your blog.

Most bloggers around the world users programs like PPC Advertisement (word ads,, google adsense, chitika) among others to monetize their blog. but the most widely used is Google Adsense, top bloggers around the world earn thousands of dollars on google adsense.

But ppc is not the only way to make money with your blog, it is just one of the best ways, other ways by which you can make money blogging is ” by creating a product you sell or a service that you render and get paid in return, you can also run reviews and make money as an affiliate marketer for a company, this is one of the best ways to make money online.

Some of the best affiliate marketing network you can join to make money online includes; amazon associates, clickbank affilaites, commission junction, surveys, jumia, konga, and others around your niche, you can find a lot of them by using the search engine to get more list.

The best experiences and knowledge in Blogging can effectively be acquired when you start it, but am sure i have been able to offer you some rich quality information to help you?

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