How long is the belt on John Deere 42 inch cut?

John Deere GX20072 42-in Deck/Drive Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (1/2-in W x 103.875-in L)

How long does a John Deere drive belt last?

What’s the Expected Lifespan of a Mower Drive Belt? You should have no problem getting 3-4 years out of your lawn mower drive belt. However, you can extend the belt’s lifespan beyond this with the correct treatment and maintenance.

What size is John Deere drive belt?

John Deere Drive Belt No.

Size: 3/8″ x 33-7/8″.

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How do I know my drive belt size?

Lay the belt on a clean, flat surface. Start the tape measure at the hole you use and measure to the end of the belt, where it meets the buckle. Belts are measured in inches and you should round to the nearest inch. If you measure 36 inches, you will want to purchase a size 36 belt.

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How do I know what size drive belt I need?

Use a cloth measuring tape (not a steel one) and wrap it around the outside of the belt. You also use a thin string to take this measurement and place it on a steel tape to get the correct length. Next, for “A” Belts (1/2” width) subtract two-inches from the outside measurement to select the correct V-belt.

How are drive belts sized?

The most accurate way to measure the circumference of a v belt is with a v belt measuring tool or using a cloth tape measure (Not a steel tape measure or ruler). An additional option is to wrap a small diameter string/rope around the belt, then measure the length of the string.

What size is a 4L 400 belt?

A: This is a 40 inch belt.

What size belt does a 42 inch mower take?

CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck/Drive Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (1/2-in W x 16-in L)

What size is the drive belt on John Deere LT133?

M126536 Deck Drive Belt Replacement for John Deere LT133 Lawn Tractor – PC2606 – Compatible with 38 Inch Mower Deck V-Belt –

How long is a 4L belt?

V-Belts – Fractional Horsepower (FHP) Section 4L – Size 1/2″ (12.7mm) X 5/16″ (7.9mm)
V-Belt No.Outside Length Inches

What size is a 4L 420 belt?

Width: 1/2″ Depth: 5/16″ Inside Circumference: 40″ Outside Circumference: 42″

How long is a John Deere l100 drive belt?

1 in

How long is a 42 inch mower Deck Belt?

CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (0.53-in W x 96.5-in L)

How do you measure a lawn tractor drive belt?

What is the difference between a deck belt and drive belt?

The “Deck Belt” goes around the pulleys right above the blades on the deck and then to a double pulley. The “Drive Belt” on your mower goes from the transmission, around an Idler pulley then over to the double pulley I mentioned before. The Drive belt also plays a role in making the wheels turn.

What do V belt numbers mean?

The first one, and the more recognizable one, is the manufacturer’s part number, which is referenced when ordering the part. The second, and lesser known one, is a global industry standard number that indicates the size of the belt.

Are belts measured ID or OD?

4. Belt Effective Length: The effective length of a belt is the length about the effective outside diameter of a sheave at a specified tension. The effective outside diameter of a sheave is measured where the groove top width is a dimension as specified by RMA, ASAE or SAE standards.

How do you ID a belt?

Belt length is to the nearest tenth of an inch. Example: 2450 = 4L450 Belt has 1/2” top width and 45.0” O.C. First two digits indicate belt top width. 67 = 3/8”, 68 = 1/2”, 69 = 21/32” Last two digits indicate length in inches.

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