How is Chester Zoo funded?

The zoo has a total land holding of approximately 160 hectares (400 acres). Chester Zoo is operated by the North of England Zoological Society, a registered charity founded in 1934. The zoo receives no government funding. It is the most-visited wildlife attraction in Britain with more than 2 million visitors in 2019.

How much did Chester Zoo raise?

From running challenges and bake sales to head shaves and virtual mountain climbs, supporters raised an incredible £3m when the zoo launched the ‘Save Our Zoo’ campaign after lockdown left a £5.5m hole in our charity’s finances.

Who is the owner of Chester Zoo?

The North of England Zoological Society (NEZS) is the organisation that runs Chester Zoo and our conservation campaign, Act For Wildlife. That’s a long name, so we usually just say NEZS. It was formed by the zoo’s founder, George Mottershead

George Mottershead
Mottershead is an English habitation name which has its common root in the township of Mottram St. Andrew in Cheshire, England where it was first recorded in the 13th century as Mottresheved, from the genitive case of the Old English byname Mōtere ‘Speaker’ and Middle English heved head (land), hill.

, in 1934.

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Is Chester Zoo the biggest zoo in the world?

Chester Zoo – Catch The Rarest Animals

In terms of animal count, this is the largest zoo in the world with over 21,000 animals across 500 or more species.

Is Chester Zoo closing down?

It is moving to the site of the society’s wildlife park, the Wild Place Project, in south Gloucestershire. Since it first opened, the zoo has received an estimated 90 million visitors and helped save 175 species from extinction through its conservation programmes.

Who is the manager of Chester Zoo?

Dr Mark Pilgrim, currently the zoo’s Director of Conservation and Education, will take up the role of Director General on the 1st October.

Is Chester Zoo a private limited company?

Chester Zoo Enterprises Limited is a private company limited by shares, registered in England and Wales with company number 02669535. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEZS and its main activities are commercial trading activities including the operation of our shops and restaurants.

Is June Mottershead still alive?

June Mottershead / Died

Who sponsors Chester Zoo?

DARWIN ESCAPES. One of our favourite places to stay, Darwin Escapes offer family-friendly accommodation on their wildlife-friendly holiday parks. Darwin sponsors our annual family event, Wildlife Connections Festival, helping bring the natural world to life for our visitors.

How many acres is Chester Zoo?

With 35,000 animals and 128 acres of zoological gardens, there’s plenty to do at Chester Zoo. And there’s always something new! Your adventure starts right here – start exploring today. PRE-BOOK your TICKETS to come and see us soon!

Does Chester Zoo have a hotel?

With over 20,000 animals within 125 acres of award-winning zoological gardens, it is a must see when visiting the area or staying in our luxury log cabins. Why stay in a hotel when you can relax and unwind in one of our Forest Lodges and combine it with a trip to Chester Zoo for you and your family.

What caused Chester Zoo fire?

The blaze broke out in December 2018 at Chester Zoo’s Monsoon Forest, which houses orangutans and crocodiles. Some birds, fish and insects died and the roof was damaged in the fire, caused by an electrical fault.

Can you do Chester Zoo in a day?

If you are prepared to rush around without taking the time to appreciate what you see you could do it in 2 hours or so. However, to get the best experience, allow a full day.

How much is a family ticket at Chester Zoo?

Chester Zoo is located in Upton just outside Chester and is home to over 21,000 animals set in 125 acres of gardens.


Direct Debit PriceStandard Price
Family (1 adult, 1 child)£135£149
Family (1 adult, 2 children)£175£193
Family (1 adult, 3 children)£215£237
Family (1 adult, 4 children)£255£281

How old is a child at Chester Zoo?

6.4 No child under the age of 14 years will be admitted to the Zoo unless they are accompanied by an adult who is over the age of 18 years. All such children must remain under the control or supervision of an adult at all times whilst on the Zoo premises.

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Is Chester Zoo dog friendly?

Unfortunately, Chester Zoo is not dog friendly but if one member of your party is happy to stay behind with the pup it is a lovely chance to spot your hound’s animal cousin: the African painted dog. Chester is bursting with exciting days out, things to do and places to eat with your four-pawed pal in tow.

Does Liverpool have a zoo?

Experience the Liverpool’s wildest day out with a trip to family-favourite, Knowsley

Knowsley is a large village and civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, Merseyside, England, commonly known as Knowsley Village. Knowsley Village. Village. › wiki › Knowsley,_Merseyside

Knowsley, Merseyside – Wikipedia

Safari. Kick off your day with a tour of the 550 acre Safari Drive and get acquainted with over 750 wild animals, from baboons to camels, wildebeest to rhinos, all from the comfort of your own car.

Why is Chester Zoo so popular?

It is the seventh year in succession that the zoo has achieved the accolade. Zoo bosses have attributed the success to visitors wanting to be part of our conservation mission to prevent the extinction of species around the world.

2017 Visitor Figures.

SiteChester Zoo
Total visits1,866,628
% +/--1.8%

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