How do you adjust a Hunter pro spray sprinkler head?

How do you adjust a sprinkler head to spray less?

All you have to do is rotate the head to increase or decrease the arc. Turn the head clockwise to increase the arc or counterclockwise if you want to reduce the arc. Use an adjustment ring (pictured below) to get a better grip on the nozzle.

How do you adjust the distance on a sprinkler head?

Do you need a special tool to adjust sprinkler heads?

Some sprinkler heads can be adjusted using a flathead screwdriver, while others require specialized adjustment and rotor tools. A simple turn of a screwdriver or specially designed tool is typically all it takes to adjust a sprinkler head.

How do you adjust a sprinkler spray radius?

Turn the screw in the nozzle head clockwise to reduce the radius. The radius measures how far the water sprays from the sprinkler itself. To adjust it, use a flathead screwdriver and insert into the screw in the middle of the nozzle. Turn the screw to the right to shorten the spray distance.

How do you adjust the radius on a Rainbird sprinkler head?

How do you adjust the throw distance on a Rainbird sprinkler?

How far should sprinkler head be from fence?

Sprinkler System 101

The best way to prevent accidental spraying of the fence is to place the sprinkler system at least two feet apart from the structure. This is a safe distance from the fence and can reduce problems and ensure your fencing isn’t damaged due to water or moisture build-up.

What is the spacing for sprinkler heads?

Current fire safety codes require sprinkler heads always to be a minimum of 6 feet apart from one another to avoid cold soldering.

What is the 18 inch rule for sprinkler heads?

Nothing should be in that area between the bottom of the sprinkler heads and the imaginary horizontal plane parallel to the ceiling that is 18 inches below. This is done to allow an even and unobstructed spray pattern from the sprinklers when triggered to extinguish the fire.

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Should sprinkler heads be flush with ground?

The correct height for a sprinkler head is to have the top of sprinkler head just above the soil surface. No more than a quarter of an inch above the ground level. This lowers the tripping hazard, and a lawn mower can go past it without causing any damage.

Should sprinkler heads overlap?

To achieve a uniform application of water over the irrigated area, the sprinklers must be spaced properly. When operated at the proper pressure, most sprinklers apply more water in the center of the pattern than at the edges. Therefore, they must be overlapped in order to give a uniform distribution.

Can you adjust sprinkler heads while running?

You must adjust the pop-up sprinkler heads while the sprinkler is running. Use a flat-head screwdriver to rotate the adjustment screw on the top of the nozzle. To increase the width of the spray pattern, turn the screw counterclockwise. To decrease the width of the spray pattern, turn the screw clockwise.

Can you adjust a sprinkler head while its running?

As with the spray heads it’s best to adjust the rotors while your sprinkler system is running. Use the key or screwdriver to turn the screw on top of the rotor head. There will be arrow indicators showing which way to turn the screw to increase or decrease (positive vs negative) the spray radius.

What is the difference between Hunter PGP red and blue nozzles?

Dave Baker ‏Hunter Industries

The red nozzles have both higher and lower flow rates than what’s offered in the blue nozzles, but they deliver water very efficiently. The blue nozzles were developed as a result of our customers telling us that they didn’t like the “look” of the spray pattern on the red nozzles.

How far does a Hunter PGP spray?

In most cases (also depending on the wind) you will have a max distance of 25 feet in any direction.

What benefits do the PGP ultra blue nozzles offer?

Key Benefits
  • Patented automatic arc return feature returns the turret back to the original arc pattern if vandalized; adjustable arc from 50° to 360°
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism is protected from damage if turned in the opposite direction of travel.

What is the difference between Hunter PGP and Hunter PGP Ultra?

A: The Ultra is a upgrade model from pgp adj, it has Automatic Arc Return, and Non- Strippable Drive. Also Short Radius Nozzels for close distance’s . That being said, the PGP Adj are still a great rotor sprinkler head. Helpful?

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