How do I know what size lawn mower belt I need?

Continue to measure around the inside of the lawnmower deck until you record the distance between the last spindle pulley and Spindle Pulley 1. Add up the measurements to determine the total distance around the spindle pulleys. This is the size of the mower deck belt you need.

How many belts are on a Murray riding lawn mower?

Related Articles. Murray lawn tractors use two types of rubber belts: a transmission belt and a mowing deck drive belt.

How do you measure a deck Drive Belt?

How do I know what size lawn mower belt I need? – Related Questions

Is there a difference between a Deck Belt and a deck drive belt?

Both play a role in making the blades turn. The “Deck Belt” goes around the pulleys right above the blades on the deck and then to a double pulley. The “Drive Belt” on your mower goes from the transmission, around an Idler pulley then over to the double pulley I mentioned before.

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How do you read a drive belt size?

The first digit indicates an eight-rib belt, followed by “P” to identify metric belt sizing, and a “K” showing that this belt conforms to the SAE standard for rib sizing (3.56 millimeters wide for automotive-type serpentine belts). The final series of numbers is the effective length of the belt, given in millimeters.

How do I choose a drive belt?

Following are some environmental and application design criteria that will influence belt selection:
  1. Ambient temperature.
  2. Oil resistance.
  3. Ozone resistance.
  4. Static conductivity.
  5. Power capacity.
  6. Pulsation or shock loading.
  7. Small sheave diameters.
  8. Backside idlers.

What are 3 types of drive belts?

There are three types of drive belts:
  • Serpentine Belt. A serpentine belt is located under the hood of a car, and it “snakes” its way between various pulleys and accessories.
  • V-Belt. A V-belt runs off a crank and pulley and typically travels between one or two engine accessories.
  • Timing Belt.

What does the number mean on a drive belt?

The first one, and the more recognizable one, is the manufacturer’s part number, which is referenced when ordering the part. The second, and lesser known one, is a global industry standard number that indicates the size of the belt.

What size is a 42 in Deck Belt?

Belt length (in.)89.3842 in.
Fits Deck Size (in.)42 in.42
Product Depth (in.)0.4788.24
Product Width (in.)0.5

How long is a 42 in Deck Belt?

CRAFTSMAN 42-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (0.53-in W x 96.5-in L)

How long is a 46 in Deck Belt?

Product Length103 1/4 in
Product Width1/2 in

What size is a 46 in belt?

Men’s Belt Sizes
Numerical Belt Size3046
Belt SizeXS2XL
Waist in inches26½-2842½-44
*Length in inches28-3045-46

How long are belt sizes?

Small sizes measure between 26 to 30 inches, while large sizes are around 46 to 50 inches. Belts for men who wear a 34 measure 34 inches from the far end (all fashion rights reserved). Avoid generalizing belt measurements as these vary considerably.

How long is a 54 in Deck Belt?

Husqvarna 54-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (5/8-in W x 148-in L)

What size is a 54 inch belt?

CRAFTSMAN 54-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (11/16-in W x 20.75-in L)

What size is an A54 belt?

A54 (13×1372 Li) V Belt.

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