Do some French Bulldogs have floppy ears?

It important for you to know that all French bulldogs are born with floppy ears, this is absolutely normal. As they grow, their ears gradually become erect, there really is no exact time for this growth to occur. French bulldogs can get their erect ears anytime from 6 weeks to 18 months.

How do I get my French bulldog’s ears to stand up?

How to fix a French bulldog’s flopped ears?
  1. Buy a masking tape that is about 1.5 inches wide.
  2. Gently wrap the tape around your Frenchie’s ears and make sure you leave the ear flat.
  3. Form the ears into the upright position and use a longer strip of tape to connect them and hold them erect.

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How do you fix floppy Frenchie ears?

How to fix floppy French Bulldog ears
  1. Consult with you vet first.
  2. Don’t give them calcium supplements yourself.
  3. Add a cartilage encouraging supplement to their diet.
  4. Give them chew toys.
  5. Taping your Frenchie’s ears.

How do you know if a French Bulldog is happy?

How do I know if my French Bulldog is happy? Whilst Frenchies can look very glum, you will know they are happy if they wiggle their bottom, gives you puppy dog eyes, have relaxed ears and mouth and is playful. French Bulldogs will also smile where their lips curl up.

Do Frenchies ears go back when excited?

If your dog has ears that are ever so slightly back, it could indicate they are in a playful mood. French Bulldog ears can also position their ears back when they are scared and frightened. If your Frenchie is fearful, take a look at the base of the ear to look for any backwards shifts.

Does taping French bulldog ears work?

In most cases, this 5-day period of taping French bulldog ears should be enough if they are ready to stand up erect by themselves. If you don’t get the results you expect, go through the process for another 5 days. If after that, you don’t get erect ears, leave them.

How can I strengthen my dogs ear cartilage?

Your veterinarian may recommend taping her ears at this point to help things along. You can also add a teaspoon of cottage cheese or plain yogurt to her food daily to provide a little extra calcium, which helps in the formation of cartilage.

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Why do French Bulldogs have bat ears?


American breeders decided early on that bat ears should be considered the standard, because they are more distinctive. Since then, rose ears on a French bulldog have been a disqualifying characteristic according to the American Kennel Club’s breed standard.

Can Frenchies be protective?

1. The French Bulldog is a surprisingly good watchdog. Although not at all yappy, he’ll bark to let you know if someone’s at the door. The breed can be a little territorial, but that’s where his job ends: don’t expect him to be a guard dog.

Why do French Bulldogs purr?

The Root of the Behavior

If he does it just as you approach him, it could simply mean that he’s happy to see you. Purring is especially prevalent in young puppies in the midst of naps or meals. However, the characteristic shape and structure of the Bulldog play a huge role in their snorting or purring habit.

How do you entertain a French Bulldog?

They want to play all of the time. But keeping a Frenchie entertained all day can be hard work.

I believe these are the best toys for French Bulldogs, puppies and adults alike.

  1. Bomber Ball.
  2. Laser Pen.
  3. Frenchie Chew Toy.
  4. Kong Chew Toy.
  5. Tug of War Rope.
  6. Stuffed Toy.
  7. Rope Ball Toy.
  8. Squeaky Bone Toy.

What do Frenchies like the most?

An active breed, Frenchies love a good game. Whether it’s tug, fetch, or a puzzle toy (which combines two of their favorite things – food and games!), giving your French Bulldog some mental and physical exercise will make her very happy.

How do you tell if your French Bulldog loves you?

Signs Your French Bulldog Loves You:
  1. They always want to be near you. If your French Bulldog always wants to be near you this is a sign of affection.
  2. They give you the puppy eyes.
  3. They want physical contact.
  4. They give you kisses.
  5. They snort at you.
  6. They share their toys.
  7. They sleep near you.
  8. They run to you for help.

Do you have to wipe French Bulldogs bums?

You will need to occasionally wipe a French Bulldog’s bum. You will need to clean their folds. You will need to clean out their ears. And you will need to wipe them down and offer the occasional bath.

How do you clean a French Bulldogs face?

How to clean your dog’s wrinkles
  1. Use a clean moist washcloth to remove dirt and debris between wrinkles.
  2. Gently run back through using a clean, soft and dry towel to remove any lingering moisture.
  3. Apply a soothing wrinkle cream for dogs to help reduce discomfort and promote healing.

How often should French Bulldogs be walked?

Around 60 minutes of daily exercise is plenty for these pooches. Because of their flat faces, Frenchies can have breathing problems so it’s best to do short, low-intensity walks. One way you can do this is by having multiple gentle walks daily with plenty of rest in between.

Should I let my Frenchie sleep with me?

What the experts say. Other than my personal reasons above, there is no reason why you shouldn’t let your Frenchie sleep in your bed, it’s an entirely personal decision. Providing your dog is safe, and there’s no risk of suffocation, then why not.

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