Can you buy citizenship in St Kitts?

The St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program allows you to acquire citizenship in exchange from making an economic contribution to the country, either by investing in real estate, contributing to the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund, or helping fund a Public Good Project (PGP)..

What are the benefits of St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship?

Benefits of St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship
  • No personal income tax.
  • Assist with efficient and effective international tax planning and wealth management.
  • Possession of a St.
  • Visa-free travel to over 100 countries worldwide, including the UK and European Union.
  • Free to reside in St.
  • Dual citizenship permitted.

How much is St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship?

The St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is the oldest in the world: it was launched in 1984. Since then, more than 20,000 applicants have received passports. Investors contribute $150,000 to the state fund or buy real estate for at least $175,000.

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How do I get from St Kitts to Nevis citizenship?

St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

Investors along with any family members, can directly qualify for citizenship through investment, either by making a donation or investment in real estate purchase. St Kitts passport is an excellent second passport for visa free travel to over 100+ countries in Europe, Caribbean.

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How powerful is St Kitts passport?

Unquestionably very powerful, the St Kitts passport offers great worldwide mobility and ranks 55th according to the Global Passport Index. This Caribbean passport allows visa free access to over 140 countries including all the European countries, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

What is the cheapest citizenship by investment?

The Caribbean citizenship by investment are currently the cheapest CBI for individual investors and families. You can see the true costs of CBI by donation which is more affordable than real estate for many people. All in all, for one person Dominica and St Lucia are the cheapest. For families Antigua is the cheapest.

How do I become a Nevis citizen?

To obtain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship for the purchase of real estate, investors buy objects in projects approved by the government of the country. Applicants invest from $200,000. Money can be returned in 5—7 years. The total investment amount depends on the specific situation.

How do I become a resident of Nevis?

To apply you must own a home for a minimum of 7 years, or you may obtain Permanent Residency immediately through the Retirement Program geared towards non-national.

Can you live in Europe with St Kitts passport?

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship allows visa-free entry to the EU and Schengen zone. Though, starting from 2023, citizens will need a one-time ETIAS registration prior to a European Union entry, much like the US or Canadian citizens. Tourist entry to the UK is visa-free as well, with a permitted stay for up to 6 months.

What is the most powerful passport?

Japanese citizens now hold the most passport power, as they are able to enter 193 nations visa free, or with visa-on-arrival. South Korea and Singapore hold joint second place, with both countries’ passports enabling their citizens to access 192 nations without restrictions.

Can I travel to USA with St Kitts and Nevis passport?

Yes! As a traveler from Saint Kitts & Nevis, you need to have the US B1/B2 Visa. This travel document allows tourism and business trips to the United States.

Can I travel to Canada with St Kitts passport?

Major restrictions. Canada has major restrictions for travel. Most visitors from Saint Kitts and Nevis will not be allowed to travel to Canada.

Can I work in UK with St Kitts passport?

While in the UK, citizens of a Caribbean country cannot be employed by a UK company or marry in the UK. If the purpose of moving to the UK is employment or study at a British university, you will need to obtain a residence permit or a passport.

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Where can I live with St Kitts passport?

In summary, you will get worldwide mobility and visa-free or visa-on-arrival regime with over 140 countries and territories. St. Kitts passport is ideal for travelling to Europe, including the UK, Russia, all Schengen states, Caribbean countries, and Asia, including Singapore and Hong Kong.

What is the best Caribbean passport?

The advantage of St Kitts citizenship vs Domenica vs St Lucia vs Grenada is that the holder can, relatively speaking, travel visa-free to most (156) countries and territories. Given its highest ranking on Henley Passport Index, St Kitts is arguably the best Caribbean passport.

Which Caribbean island is easiest to get citizenship?

All Caribbean countries are relatively easy to get citizenship by investment. Still, for Grenada, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia, you won’t be required to fulfill a residency requirement, making it easier than the other countries.

Which Caribbean country is the richest?

Rich Caribbean countries have been a magnet attracting HNWI and millionaires. Bermuda, Cayman and British virgin islands are the top richest and wealthiest islands in the caribbean.

Citizenship / Residence.

St Vincent
Dominican Republic$200,000

Can I buy citizenship in the Caribbean?

Five Caribbean countries offer investors to obtain citizenship under the state investment program: Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis and Grenada. A number of investors who get citizenship in these countries grow each year by 10 to 30%.

Which is the cheapest Caribbean island to live on?

Most islands in the Caribbean have higher than expected utility costs. The Dominican Republic, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama have the cheapest cost of living in the Caribbean.

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