Why is property cheap on Russell Island?

Is Russell Island a good place to invest?

Russell Island land prices are significantly lower than Brisbane and the Bayside and offer savvy investors and homebuyers great opportunities. The Island has long been regarded as an affordable haven within reach of The Redlands.

Is Russell Island a good place to live?

Russell Island has all the amenities required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, great medical services, local shopping centre and swimming pool. Many sports facilities are scattered throughout the Southern Moreton Island Group.

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Does Russell Island have a hospital?

Service Finder: Bay Islands Medical Service – Russell Island

To navigate, press the arrow keys. Contact: Ph: 07 3409 1151.

Are there snakes on Russell Island?

For Russell, Queensland Museum records show snakes only the Brown Tree Snake, Boiga irregularis; the Keelback, Tropidonophis mairii; and the Bandy Bandy, Vermicella annulata.

Which is the best Island to live on in Moreton Bay?

Locals prize Karragarra as the most desirable island because if it’s small population and beautiful swimming beach. Russell is cheapest as it is the biggest. Access to the supermarkets in Macleay and Russell are via free interisland ferry. Check them all out to see which one is right for you.

Are there sandflies on Russell Island?

I have built a couple houses on Russel, it is infested with Mossies and sandflies. The sandflies are waaaaaay worse than mossies. If you are allergic and come out in big welts like me DO NOT GO THERE !!!

Is there town water on Russell Island?

Water can be supplied to Russell Island via either North Stradbroke Island or the mainland. From Russell Island, the supply is then piped via Karragarra Island to Lamb Island and then onto Macleay Island. The water supply for Coochiemudlo Island is also piped directly from the mainland.

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How much does it cost to build a house on Russell Island?

Kits start from $25,990 for a one bedroom holiday home, to over $100,000 for a four bedroom 2 story home. Keep in mind that these are the kit only price and does not include labour, slab, pc and other items.

Can you take your car to Russell Island?

Many residents have spectacular views down the length of the island and overlooking Canaipa Passage to North Stradbroke Island. It’s easily accessible from the mainland, only 20 minutes by passenger ferry from Redland Bay or you can bring your car on the regular daily vehicle ferry services.

Can dogs live on Russell Island?

Russell Island is pet friendly! If you need help to decide where to stay, play, or eat with Fido, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the scoop on our favorite pet friendly hotels, dog friendly activities, and restaurants that allow dogs in Russell Island.

How do you get around Russell Island?

Passenger and vehicle ferries depart from Weinam Creek Marina, Banana Street, Redland Bay: Southern Moreton Bay Island Ferry – 07 3206 8033 – passenger ferry. Stradbroke Ferries – 07 3488 5300 – vehicle ferry.

Are there schools on Russell Island?

Russell Island State School has a maximum student enrolment capacity of 236 students. The number of students entering Prep in any given year must not exceed 25 in 1 classroom, unless there are more than 25 students enrolling from within the catchment area.

Do I need a car in Russell?

Russell is a small town and walkable. There are several hills that surround the basin where Russell sits. But most of the town doesn’t need a vehicle to look at. The road from the car ferry at Okiato has a few twists and turns, but these are minor compared to NZ’s rugged terrain.

How long is the ferry from Russell to Paihia?

Paihia to Russell ferry tickets can be pre-purchased from the Northland Ferries booking office or on board. Ferry crossings take approximately 15 minutes.

How often does the ferry go from Paihia to Russell?

Getting to Russell from Paihia is easy, with passenger ferries every 15 minutes from Paihia Wharf. But it’s just as easy to take your car over, so you have the freedom to explore on the other side. The car ferry to Russell departs from Opua every 15 minutes, so you never have long to wait.

Is the Old Russell Road sealed?

The Highway

The road is fully sealed and well signposted.

How long is the ferry from Auckland to Coromandel?

Catch a Fullers360 ferry from Downtown Auckland and take a relaxing 2 hour cruise through the Hauraki Gulf to Hannafords Wharf, close to Coromandel Town.

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