Why is my Stihl blower not starting?

A leaf blower that won’t start at all may require fuel. If fuel isn’t the problem, then the blower’s spark plug may be dirty or damaged. Remove the spark plug, and wipe it dry with a clean rag. Crank the engine several times with the starter to clear the combustion chamber, and replace the spark plug.

How do you cold start a leaf blower?

Which way is the choke on a Stihl leaf blower?

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How do you tell if the choke is on or off?

Choke on means that the choke plate is covering the carb throat. The “choke” is off when the choke lever is down or when the choke lever is facing you if your choke is a handle bar mount. Choke off means that the choke plate is not covering the carb throat.

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Is choke on or off to start?

Before starting a cold engine, turn the choke to the ON/CLOSED position. Gradually turn it back to the OFF/OPEN position as the engine warms up. Leave the choke in the OFF/OPEN position when starting or restarting a warm engine.

What position should choke be in?

The choke is located before the throttle, and manages the total amount of air going into the engine. The choke is only used when starting a cold engine. When doing a cold start, the choke should be closed to limit the amount of air going in.

Which way do you turn an electric choke?

How do you use a Stihl choke?

  1. Depress the throttle lock and throttle, and move the control lever to full choke (i.e. moved to the limit of its travel).
  2. Firmly press the primer (if fitted) 2–3 times.
  3. Place the saw on the ground.
  4. Once the saw has ‘fired’, move the choke up to the “half-choke” position and pull over.

Do you run a blower with the choke open or closed?

To Choke or Not to Choke

If your snow blower is cold, you’ll want to pull out or turn on the choke while you’re starting it. This closes off the air supply to your carburetor, which makes for a much richer fuel mixture. If your snow blower is stored in a heated garage and is warm enough, you should not use the choke.

What is the symbol for choke?

The choke on symbol for most small engines looks like a horizontal ( — ) or diagonal ( / ) line. It also can simply say ‘Choke’, ‘Full Choke’, or ‘Start’. The off symbol for most small engine chokes is represented by a vertical line ( | ) or the word ‘Run’.

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How do you start a Stihl?

How do you start an easy start Stihl blower?

How do you start a 2 stroke Stihl?

What symbol is choke on Stihl?

Stihl chainsaws denote the choke position using a nearly horizontal squiggle between two vertical lines at the lowest position on the master control lever.

What happens if choke is left on?

Leaving the choke on for too long will cause unnecessary engine wear and waste fuel. This is also bad for the environment. The choke is mainly used during winter to help with starting. The engine needs its fuel to be vaporised in order to burn it.

What to do if you choke and no one is around?

What To Do When You’re Alone and Choking
  1. Position yourself behind a chair or on the edge of a table.
  2. Press your abdomen, the same area you’d place your fist on another person, against a table or chair with quick inward and upward thrusts.
  3. Repeat until the object is dislodged.

How long is too long for a choke?

A well-applied blood choke may lead to unconsciousness in 10–20 seconds. Injury or death is plausible if the arteries remain constricted for more than 20 seconds.

How long should you leave the choke on?

After 30 seconds is usually enough for most bikes. Especially a small thumper. Just reduce the choke slowly. If it wont idle smoothly (sounds like an asthmatic pensioner) then it probably wants the choke on a bit longer.

Can a choke hold be fatal?

Unless one is applied to an unconscious individual for three minutes or more, which does not happen by accident, they are generally harmless. An overzealous application of an air-choke, however, can certainly injure a person; an extremely vicious use could kill.

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