Why does my trimmer line keep getting stuck?

If you simply can’t get your trimmer line to poke into the hole inside the trimmer head which is supposed to keep it in place while you wind up the rest of the spool, you either need a cleaner cut on that end you are trying to insert or you are trying to use a diameter of trimmer string too thick for your string

Can you use a 20V battery on a 60v Dewalt trimmer?

A: Nope, only 60 flexvolt will work. 20 volt batteries don’t fit.

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Is 20V or 60V better?

When you need something that can handle a heavy load and run cooler, then a 60V may be a better choice. These battery packs can run not only a 60V tool but also a 20V or pair two up and run a 120V tool. You will experience greater versatility with the larger voltage.

Can I charge a DeWalt 60V with 20V charger?

PLEASE NOTE that this requires a charger that can handle the 60V batteries. The 20V battery cannot handle the charging.

Can you use a 20V DeWalt battery on a 60V chainsaw?

A: No, the DCCS670T1 is a 60V Max saw. It will accept 20V/60V Max flex volt batteries but will not accept 20V or 20V XR batteries.

Will DeWalt 20V MAX work with Flexvolt?

Two voltages. The DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery is backwards compatible with our 20V MAX* tools so you get up to 4x the runtime**.

Can I use XR battery for Flexvolt?


XR FLEXVOLT batteries are backwards compatible with the entire XR 18V range, so any tool or charger you have can be powered by XR FLEXVOLT batteries.

Does Flexvolt work with 20V?

Get the most of your tools with a single-battery system that provides exceptional power and runtime. With patented technology that automatically switches voltage when you change your tools, 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® Batteries power 250+ products across the 20V MAX* and 60V MAX* systems.

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Is DeWalt discontinuing FlexVolt?

I have not heard anything about a replacement model; as far as I am aware, the Dewalt DWS780 is still the brand’s flagship model. UPDATE: There is a Stop Sale for Dewalt DWS780, DWS779, and DHS790 (FlexVolt) 12″ sliding miter saws, with the affecting models produced between March 2019 and April 2022.

Which is better XR or FlexVolt?

The full power advantage is only possible when using a FlexVolt battery. If you’re using 20V MAX batteries, you will have more power than conventional XR tools, but not as much as when using the FlexVolt battery.

What is the difference between DeWalt XR and FlexVolt?

The key difference is the properties in the two kinds of batteries. A standard 5.0Ah 18v XR battery has 5 strings of cells, but only 2 built in parallel – whereas a 6.0Ah XR FLEXVOLT battery also has 5 strings of cells, but 3 are built in parallel.

Can I use a 20V battery in a 60V FlexVolt tool?

Both the battery and tool must operate on the same voltage. Flexvolt batteries are an exception. Flexvolt batteries are compatible with Dewalt 60v and 20v tools, and can be charged by 60v or 20v Dewalt chargers. Flexvolt tools require Flexvolt batteries to operate and are not compatible with Dewalt 20v batteries.

Is DeWalt discontinuing XR?

Supply of Dewalt 18V NiCad batteries (DC9096 and DC9096S) are expected to run through March 2022. Additionally, the 18V XR Lithium Ion Battery (DC9180) and all other compatible battery models for 18V XRP have been discontinued. The company has also recommended users to make the switch to its 20V Max.

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Is DeWalt XR or atomic better?

While the Atomic tools aren’t the most powerful in the DeWalt lineup, they do tend to be more powerful than many of the comparable XR models. Much of this is thanks to the powerful brushless motors used in the Atomic line. The XR range is much more diverse than the Atomic range.

What does XR mean in DeWalt?

XR Stands for eXtreme Runtime. ( may also be called extended runtime) If it’s stamped on the batteries: this is our claim that these batteries last longer than our non-XR versions. They are the higher amp hour batteries and have a larger fuel tank.

Which line of DeWalt is best?

The top of the line of DeWALT is the new 20V max powerstack. This is the most powerful, most compact and lightest weight battery. The powerstack compact battery utilizes breakthrough pouch battery cell technology to transform the cordless jobsite.

What does Atomic mean in DeWalt tools?

What is the difference between DEWALT XR and Max and Atomic?

DEWALT 20V MAX is the next line after 18V, introducing lithium-ion batteries. DEWALT 20V XR improved on the 20V MAX line by introducing brushless motors and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. DEWALT 20V ATOMIC are designed to be compact and powerful for a wide range of applications.

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