Who is the seller in a contract?

Also known as a sales contract or an agreement to sell, this type of document generally involves two parties — the buyer is an individual or organization making a purchase, while the seller is an individual or organization selling the item in question.

What are the three most common types of listings?

The Four Common Types of Listings. There are four common types of listings: open listings, exclusive right to sell listings, exclusive agency listings, and net listings.

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Can a realtor represent both buyer and seller in Alberta?

Yes, that’s allowed. The situation you’re referring to is called transaction brokerage. Transaction brokerage is a service option when your real estate professional represents a buyer client interested in purchasing the property in which you are the seller client.

Do you need a lawyer to sell a house in Alberta?

If You’re Getting a Mortgage or Have an Existing Mortgage, Then You Need a Lawyer to Buy or Sell a Home in Alberta. The legal requirements surrounding mortgages in Alberta demand a lawyer, but an attorney protects your interests and manages many important details in a real estate transaction.

Can a realtor represent themselves in BC?

Can I still represent myself in a real estate transaction? Yes. You may choose to be unrepresented rather than working with a licensed real estate professional.

Do you need a realtor to buy a house Alberta?

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The answer may surprise you, because you do not need a realtor to buy a new construction home! If you’re looking to purchase a new build home, you don’t actually require a realtor to do so because you aren’t buying a home from another person, you’re buying the lot and the home from the builder.

Are all agents Realtors?

But not all real estate agents are Realtors, nor are all Realtors necessarily real estate agents. Home appraisers, property managers, real estate counselors and real estate brokers also can be members of the NAR, earning them the title of Realtors.

Is it OK to use same realtor as seller?

A dual agent, who will be responsible for executing the transaction for both the buyer and the seller, is legal in states such as California and Texas, but be wary before jumping into business with one.

Can buyers and sellers talk to each other?

While there may be a time and a place for buyers and sellers to talk directly with each other, those times are far and few in between. It is usually recommended you limit interactions between the parties of a home sale. It is just going to be human nature to start talking.

Is dual agency bad for the seller?

At best, they say, dual agents can’t fulfill their fiduciary obligations to both parties. They can’t advance the best interests of both buyer and seller because those interests always diverge. At worst, dual agency creates a harmful conflict of interest.

Who benefits most from dual agency?

The seller typically pays both agents’ commissions, so the seller is the one who can directly save money in this situation. But when the seller’s costs are lower, they may be willing to accept a lower price from the buyer. The seller, buyer and agent could all benefit from the arrangement.

Should I avoid dual agency?

To protect your finances and ensure you are selling or buying at the best possible price, it is probably best to avoid dual agency. Buyers or sellers may be inclined to work with a dual agent because they want to obtain confidential information about the person buying or selling the home.

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Can the buyer and seller have the same agent?

It’s also possible, however, for both the buyer and seller to work with the same real estate agent. This arrangement is called dual agency. Having only one agent or broker involved in a transaction can simplify the process. But it also presents the risk that the agent may favor one party over the other.

When representing the seller what duty do you owe a buyer?

While the seller’s broker owes their client — the seller — a special fiduciary agency duty that requires the broker or agent to diligently market the listed property for sale, the seller’s broker only owes a customer — the buyer — a general duty to deal fairly and honestly.

What is a double commission?

According to legislation, any exclusive agency agreement is required to include a double commission warning which states that if another agent introduces a buyer who purchases the property while the agreement is in place, the sole agent will be paid commission, as well as the agent who introduced the buyer.

What is a contingency offer?

What is a contingent offer? A contingent offer on a house is an offer with a protective clause on behalf of the buyer. The contingency communicates that if the clause isn’t met, the buyer has the right to back out of the purchase. This practice protects the buyer from: Losing earnest money.

Can a seller back out of an accepted offer?

Yes. A seller can back out of an accepted offer or before closing, as long as there are no specific clauses that state otherwise. That being said, whether or not a seller can back out of a contingent offer depends on the contract that was written and what is mentioned in it.

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