Who is the largest real estate franchise?

1. Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams real estate was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams.

Is harcourts a franchise?

About Harcourts
Franchise Details:
Founded:1888Franchising Since:
Industries:Home Services, Service Brands, Real Estate

What are the top 10 real estate franchises in Australia?

Here is TOP 10 Real Estate Franchise Opportunities in Australia:
  • Better Homes and Gardens. Founded in: 2008.
  • Harcourts. Founded in: 1888.
  • Raine & Horne. Founded in: 1883.
  • MBCM. Founded in: 1989.
  • Ray White. Founded in: 1902.
  • LJ Hooker. Founded in: 1928.
  • Stone. Founded in: 2017.
  • Australian Strata Management. Founded in: 1989.

Is Ray White a franchise?

Ray White is acknowledged as the largest real estate franchise network in Australia, with more than 700 small business owners and 13,000 members.

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Is one agency a franchise?

We are not a franchise but a licensee of One Agency which allows us to operate independently, efficiently and economically and pass on enhanced value to our clients.

How much does it cost to start a real estate business Australia?

The cost required for a Real estate agency license in Australia is between $1,500 to $3,000 for 1 to 3 years.

Is Ray White Australian owned?

Today, Ray White is Australasia’s Supergroup. As an Australian family owned business, we’ve got a lot to be proud of. Below is a summary of our achievements so far. Today’s network consists of over 968 individually owned and operated offices.

Who is the CEO of Ray White?

“There are two components to the success of our business; increasing the performance of our existing members and expanding our network,” said Ray White New South Wales CEO Andrew McCulloch.

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What nationality is Simon Cohen?

Simon Cohen / Nationality

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Luxe Listings Sydney / Number of seasons

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