Who is Brent May?

Brent May, who has been superintendent for Plain Local Schools since 2010, has been installed as the 53rd president of the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

What is Huatulco Mexico known for?

Huatulco is home to nine major bays, many of which are protected and cared for by Indigenous tribes. Each bay is stunning and located in different areas around town. They are surrounded by beautiful beaches, and sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming and surfing are popular activities to enjoy.

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Where is Huatulco Mexico?

Located in the state of Oaxaca on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Huatulco was once a small fishing village but has long since transformed into a mainstream travel destination (local airport code HUX).

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Is Huatulco a good place to retire?

The weather is great, the people are friendly, the crowds are somewhere else, and your money goes a long way. Chances are, you will find out why everyone is returning year after year to enjoy the calm waters and wonderful lifestyle. You may just find Huatulco is the retirement place of your dreams.

What is better Puerto Escondido or Huatulco?

Huatulco is a great destination for the whole family because it offers various services and beautiful landscapes. However, for those looking for something different, Puerto Escondido has services focused on trends and the younger public.

Where do you fly into to go to Huatulco Mexico?

The closest major airport to Huatulco, Mexico is Bahías de Huatulco International Airport (HUX / MMBT). This airport is 14 km from the center of Huatulco, Mexico.

What is the temperature in Huatulco Mexico?

High around 80F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%. 0% Slight rain chance in the next 6 hours.

Can you swim in Huatulco Mexico?

Huatulco’s waters can be rough with strong rip currents so it’s important to heed the advice of lifeguards and safety flags. While the waves can sometimes be strong depending upon the tides and do pick up in the afternoon, the waters at Playa Tangolunda, located east of Santa Cruz, are generally easy to swim in.

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How far is Huatulco from the ocean?

There is a Huatulco airport, located about 20-30 minutes from the beaches, called Bahías de Huatulco International Airport (code: HUX). It is a small airport, and very easy to navigate. If you’re booking a flight to Huatulco, make sure you’re flying into HUX Airport.

Can you drink the water in Huatulco?

It is safe to drink and use for personal use. The drinking water treatment system in Huatulco includes extraction, conduction, storage and distribution. The costs for this system are passed on to the consumers in regular billings. Extraction includes deep wells located on the banks of the Copalita River.

Is the water warm in Huatulco?

The water temperature in Huatulco today is higher than the average temperature of 29.83° C (85.69° F) and the temperature on this day last year, 11th October 2021, was 29.93° C (85.87° F). The actual nearshore temperatures may vary by several degrees and this can also be heavily affected by weather.

What does Huatulco mean in Spanish?

Wikipedia. Huatulco. Huatulco (Spanish pronunciation: [wa’tulko]; wah-TOOL-coh), formally Bahías de Huatulco, centered on the town of La Crucecita, is a tourist development in Mexico. It is located on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca.

Where should I stay in Huatulco?

11 Top-Rated Resorts in Huatulco
  • Celeste Beach Residences & Spa. Photo Source: Celeste Beach Residences & Spa.
  • Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa. Photo Source: Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa.
  • Quinta Real Huatulco.
  • Hotel Binniguenda Huatulco.
  • Las Brisas Huatulco.
  • Secrets Huatulco Resort and Spa.
  • Barcelo Huatulco.
  • Camino Real Zaashila.

Where should I stay in Huatulco Mexico?

  • Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa. BahÃa de Conejos. #1 in Best Hotels in Huatulco.
  • Quinta Real Huatulco. Huatulco.
  • Barceló Huatulco Hotel. Huatulco.
  • Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa. Huatulco.
  • Quinta Bella Huatulco. Huatulco.
  • Camino Real Zaashila. Huatulco.
  • Princess Mayev Hotel. Huatulco.
  • Park Royal Huatulco – All Inclusive. Huatulco.

Is English spoken in Huatulco Mexico?

As a preface, Huatulco has a friendly expat community and lots of locals speak some English. It is usually not difficult to find professionals who speak some English like doctors, dentists and lawyers.

Is Huatulco worth visiting?

It’s pretty rainy and humid June to September. Known for it’s nice bays and miles of beautiful beaches, Huatulco is perfect for vacationers and retirees interested in a mix of culture and relaxation.

How far is Huatulco from the equator?

How far is HUX from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? HUX is 1,089.97 mi (1,754.14 km) north of the equator, so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

What is the best time to visit Huatulco?

October through February are the driest, sunniest and most pleasant months in which to visit Huatulco when tourists enjoy the balmy temperatures in the 70s. Avoid the rainy season from June through September when humidity is high, average temperatures are in the mid-80s, and most of the 40 annual rain days occur.

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