What’s in Wingstop corn?

Wingstop Cajun Fried Corn is “Wingstop’s spin on corn on the cob” as per their website. They are essentially a cob of corn chopped into four pieces. The mini cobs are then seasoned with cajun seasoning and fried. These are perfect Southern Style snacks with spicy, buttery flavors and a hint of earthiness.

How long does corn take in the air fryer?

Preheat a 6.3-quart air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes. Place corn in air fryer basket, and cook until charred and tender, about 14 minutes, turning once halfway through cook time. Rub evenly with butter, and sprinkle with chives and pepper. Serve hot.

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Is Wingstop fried corn good?

What’s in Wingstop corn? – Related Questions

What is wingstop fry seasoning made of?

What is this? Seasonings – The seasonings needed for the fries are garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper, sugar and brown sugar.

Does Wingstop put sugar on their fried?

Aside from being a perfectly crispy French fry, Wingstop seasons them to perfection with a blend of spices undoubtedly includes sugar.

What fries are good from Wingstop?

In addition to the option to substitute our fry seasoning for Lemon Pepper or Parmesan, the below options are definitely worth a try.
  • Lemon Parmesan Fries. The perfect hand-cut fries served with Lemon Pepper seasoning AND Parmesan.
  • Cheese Fries.
  • Louisiana Voodoo Fries.
  • Buffalo Ranch Fries.

What are Wingstops best wings?

The Best Wingstop Flavors, Ranked (wings, not tenders):
  • Lemon Pepper.
  • Garlic Parm.
  • Atomic.
  • Louisiana.
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ.
  • Spicy Korean.
  • Cajun.
  • Plain.

Why does Wingstop ranch taste so good?

And, believe it or not, most restaurants in the United States make their ranch dressing using Hidden Valley Ranch packets. The exact recipe Wingstop uses is pretty straightforward. They use cultured heavy creme (creme fraiche), mayonnaise, and Hidden Valley Ranch powder. And that’s why it’s so good!

What is the healthiest food at Wingstop?

For the healthiest meal at Wingstop, stick to plain wings, a side of carrots and celery, and skip a dipping sauce for the most nutritious option.

Does Wingstop use separate fryers?

All of our fried foods are cooked in the same oil, though we filter the oil to minimize cross-contamination from wheat.

Does Wingstop use high fructose corn syrup?

Thank you for reaching out to us. Our BBQ wings do have HFCS. Let us know if you have more questions!

Why does Wingstop make my stomach hurt?

Diarrhea and nausea are commonly reported symptoms from Wingstop food poisoning and Salmonella is the most reported diagnosis. Salmonella is commonly associated with chicken and the symptoms include bloody diarrhea, cramping, and fever.

What is high-fructose corn syrup called now?

According to the Corn Refiners Association (CRA), there’s been a sneaky name change. The term ‘fructose’ is now being used to denote a product that was previously known as HFCS-90, meaning it is 90 percent pure fructose.

Is Wingstop corn keto friendly?

Keto & Health Insights for Wingstop Cajun Fried Corn

Net Carbs are 11% of calories per serving, at 32g per serving. This food is a little higher than what’s considered keto-friendly but it falls within a range that won’t kick you out of ketosis. Take into account any foods you’ve already consumed.

What type of oil does Wingstop use?


How many carbs are in Wingstop fried corn?

34 g

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