What was in Aunt Bethany’s Jello mold?

It is goo-ood! Christmas Vacation (1989) – [Aunt Bethany’s jello mold has little dry cat food stars in it] CLARK: Aunt Bethany, by any chance does your cat eat jello? COUSIN EDDIE: I don’t know about the cat, but I sure am enjoying it, Clark.

What do they eat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Eggnog and roasted turkey, ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ Scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Who could forget when Clark Griswold sips on his yuletide beverage out of a moose glass with his cousin-in-law Eddie, who shows up unannounced?

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Who wrapped the cat in Christmas Vacation?

In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” what animal did crazy Aunt Bethany wrap as a Christmas gift? Aunt Bethany wrapped a cat as a Christmas gift…

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Why does she call him Sparky in Christmas Vacation?

Ellen calls Clark “Sparky” in all four Vacation movies. In the DVD commentary for this movie, Chevy Chase said that the nickname was Beverly D’Angelo’s idea, and she still affectionately calls him Sparky.

Who is the girl in the swimming pool in Christmas Vacation?

Nicolette Scorsese is best know for playing the super sexy bikini babe in “A Christmas Vacation.”

Was the cat harmed in Christmas Vacation?

He is not harmed. A cat is electrocuted under a chair and disintegrates into the carpet of a house. The shape of its body is seen on the carpet.

What happens to the cat in Christmas Vacation?

Aunt Bethany’s cat – which she had wrapped up and intended to give to one of the Griswold relatives – can be seen chewing on a strain of lights on the Christmas tree and incinerates itself.

What happens to cat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

After a disastrous Christmas Eve dinner, during which Aunt Bethany’s cat is electrocuted and Uncle Lewis accidentally burns down the Christmas tree while lighting his cigar, Clark finally receives his bonus.

Who was on the cover of the Sassy Magazine on Christmas vacation?

5. The fake People magazine Clark reads in bed has a specific person on the cover. In the scene where Clark is trying to read a People magazine in bed and the pages keep getting stuck to the tree sap on his hands, the person on the cover is director Jeremiah S. Chechik.

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Did Ruby Sue wear a wig in Christmas Vacation?

Ruby Sue, the Griswolds’ adorable niece, was played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen. She was fitted for a wig to wear throughout the movie, because producers didn’t think her short, pixie hairstyle fit her character. 13.

Is Rusty still in the Navy meaning?

In the attic Clark watches old family movies of Christmas, one of which has a man in a Navy uniform. When Aunt Bethany arrives she asks if Rusty is still in the Navy. This gives Rusty’s name special familial significance since he is named after someone who served in the military.

What is on Clark Griswold’s pajamas in Christmas Vacation?

Q: What are the animals on the pajamas? A: “Clark’s dinosaur pajamas” they’re dinosaurs.

What does the W stand for in Clark Griswold?

The “W” in Clark W. Griswold stands for Wilhelm.

Does Clark say the F word in Christmas Vacation?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

No other F-bomb in PG-13 cinematic history is as shocking, or hilariously effective as the one Clark Griswold drops in the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Why is the carpet all wet Christmas vacation?

This “Why is the Carpet all Wet, Todd?” is a classic line from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation spoken by Emmy-award winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus before she was cast as “Elaine” on Seinfeld.

How many lights did Griswold put on his house?

Griswold, who was the star of the 1989 holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, was determined to have a “fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas,” complete with 25,000 twinkling incandescent lights on the outside of his home.

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Where did I don’t know Margo come from?

While hanging from his house’s gutter, Clark Griswold sent ice flying through his neighbors’ window. After seeing the broken window, the Griswolds’ neighbor Margo asked her husband Todd why the carpet was all wet. Todd responded with the quote that appears on this t-shirt, “I Don’t Know Margo”.

How did they film the sledding scene in Christmas Vacation?

The sledding scene was filmed at the Breckenridge Ski Area on Peak 8. After “Clark” rides down the hill on his silicone sprayed saucer, he is seen dodging traffic on the road. That section of road is in Frisco on Summit Boulevard. He eventually ends up in the Toys For Tots bin in front of the Wal-Mart in Frisco.

What did Clark Griswold spray on his sled?

Anyone who has seen the classic movie “Christmas Vacation” will remember the sled scene. In the scene Clark Griswald (Chevy Chase) uses a “non-chloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant” to grease his sled. The lubricant works too well and Clark goes for a memorable ride.

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