What spark plug goes in a Kohler 7000 Series?

2- NGK CS6 fits KOHLER 7000 Series KT725 22HP OHV 725cc Spark Plugs.

What size spark plug does a Kohler engine take?

SP-41 Small Engine Spark Plug 14mm 13/16-Inch Hex -Fits Kohler 14-23 HP.

How do I know what spark plug my mower needs?

Your owner’s manual should list the type of spark plug you need.

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What happens if I use the wrong spark plug in my mower?

According to NGK, the world’s leading manufacturer of spark plugs, using the wrong spark plug can result in low ignitability within the cylinder. This causes the improper combustion of fuel, which can cause a reduced output of power as well as reduced fuel efficiency. Eventually, your engine will misfire.

What happens if you don’t gap a spark plug properly?

If the spark plug gap is incorrectly set, it can lead to engine issues. The customer may experience loss of power, misfires, spark plug fouling, increased plug wear, or poor gas mileage.

Can a hotter spark plug damage your engine?

When the spark plug firing end (tip) temperature exceeds 800°C, pre-ignition originating from the overheated insulator ceramic can occur. Pre-ignition will dramatically raise the cylinder temperature and pressure, which can cause serious and expensive engine damage.

How often should you change a lawn mower spark plug?

For standard lawn mower and small engine maintenance, you should check and/or replace spark plugs: once a season. every 25 hours of use.

Do all mowers use the same spark plug?

Lawn mower spark plugs are not universal. Each engine model has a specific spark plug that will fit it, and swapping out the incorrect spark plug could cause engine failures or damage. Before installing a spark plug, you should ensure it is the right model for your particular engine.

What kind of spark plug does a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower use?

Flathead Engine Spark Plugs & Gaps
Replacement Part TypeBriggs & Stratton Spark Plug Part NumberSpark Plug Gap
Electromagnetic Suppression (EMS) (Replaces Champion QC12YC)691043 792015.030”
Extended Life Series® OHV Spark Plug Platinum (Replaces Champion RC12YC)696202 5066 (5066D, 5066H).030”

What spark plug for Briggs and Stratton 12.5 hp?

Briggs and Stratton 12.5 HP Spark Plug 796112S OEM.

What is an RC12YC spark plug used for?

The Champion RC12YC is a spark plug from the Copper Plus series. It is designed for riding lawnmowers, pumps and generators with 4-cycle engines.

What does NGK bpr6es fit?

NGK: the world’s leading pioneers of OEM quality spark plug technology for decades.

What is an equivalent spark plug to RC12YC?

NGK BKR5ES Spark Plug Replaces Champion RC12YC RC14YC, 2460.

Is a higher number a hotter spark plug?

The heat rating of each NGK spark plug is indicated by a number; lower numbers indicate a hotter type, higher numbers indicate a colder type.

Can you use iridium spark plug on a lawn mower?

Get faster, more reliable starts

Start your lawnmower, RV or other small engine faster by replacing the copper spark plug with an iridium-enhanced spark plug.

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