What size string does a Toro weed eater take?

The Toro electric trimmer replacement spool with . 065-inch-by-10-foot line is pre-wound and requires no tools for installation. Just snap it into place on Toro 51241 and 51460 trimmers and start using the 10 feet of spool length.

What kind of string do you use for a weed wacker?

For the quietest experience, use a twisted string in an electric or cordless trimmer. If you’re using your trimmer on yards with thick grass and heavy weeds, then a multi-sided string is the best choice. Its sharp edges cut through weeds for a cleaner look.

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Do all weed Wackers use same string?

Make sure the replacement string is the same diameter. Most trimmers take either 0.080 or 0.065-inch microfilament string. If you use the wrong string, the trimmer won’t work properly, and you could burn out the motor.

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Can you use any size trimmer line?

They’re also useful against thick thistles or brambles, which can easily break thinner strands. Check your user manual if you are unsure of the sizes you can use. Most trimmers accept any thickness, although a thicker line for heavier weeds will fill the spool quicker as you wind the spool.

Can I use .080 trimmer line?

The . 080 trimmer line is an ideal size because it offers you a perfect balance of thinness and thickness with the high performance you are searching for. As much as 080 trimmer lines may be thought to be for light use, they can also be used for commercial yarding and large residential trimming sessions.

Are all trimmer lines the same?

But in general, there are 4 different types of trimmer line:

Round. Twisted, Star-shaped, And Multi-sided (square, triangle, etc).

Does it matter what brand of trimmer line you use?

It’s best for users to try a few and use what works for them. It’s important to note that using line that has more cutting power (edges) can sometimes take a trimmer user off guard. The cutting edges can make the line “grab” vegetation a little more than round and twisted line.

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Is all strimmer wire the same?

Strimmer line typically varies between 1.5mm and 3mm. The larger, heavier machines require a thicker gauge or quite simply, under heavy load will break too easily. If you were wondering why it all seems rather complicated for what should be a relatively simple process it’s not.

Can you replace weed wacker string?

Can you use bigger line on weed wacker?

Thicker lines need more powerful engines that spin fast enough for the trimmer lines to cut through grass and weeds. High-voltage (56 volts or 120-volt corded electric) and heavy-duty gas trimmers (more than 35 cc) can capably handle lines with thicker diameters.

Is there a difference between string trimmer and weed wacker?

Weed Eater Or Weed Whacker: They’re The Same Thing

There is usually no difference at all between what a person means when they say “weed eater”, “weed whacker” or “weed wacker”. Each of these terms refers to the same piece of equipment. What is this? It’s a string trimmer, plain and simple.

How long should the string be on a weed wacker?

You need to leave about six inches of string hanging from the spool when you are done adding your new string. You should use a heavy-duty pair of scissors to snip the string.

Why do you soak trimmer line in water?

Trimmer line does tend to dry out over time and becomes more brittle. Storing it or soaking it in water will help reduce line breakage and make the line more flexible.

Why does my trimmer line run out so fast?

The most common reasons that a trimmer line keeps breaking include poor quality trimmer line, incorrect thickness of line, not being careful around hard surfaces and old line being used.

Why does the string on my trimmer line keep breaking?

The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc.

How long does a line trimmer spool last?

It lasted about 2 months, but that was heavy use. If you are doing large weeks, hit a lot of fences, of course it will last less time. I would think with a small city yard, it would last a whole summer.

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