What size line does my Stihl trimmer use?

It uses dual 0.08 or. 0950-inch cutting lines on a 15-inch diameter head.

What size trimmer line do I need?

For light work, such as trimming grass, 0.065″-0.085″ should be sufficient. For thicker grass and weeds, a line in the 0.085″-0.110″ range will get the job done, and for thicker underbrush, anything thicker than 0.110″ will work.

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What does FS stand for in Stihl?

FS= Freischneider = Line Trimmer.

What size line does a Stihl FS 90 use?

Can use . 080″, . 095″, or . 105″ trimmer line.

How do you restring a Stihl FS 38?

Is a Stihl FS 38 a 2 stroke?

This highly efficient FS38 Petrol Whipper Snipper by Stihl offers an unbeatable ease-of-use, featuring a lightweight construction that allows you to work freely and leave every space immaculate. Powered by a 27.2cc 2-stroke engine, this whipper snipper packs optimal force that handles every space effortlessly.

Is Stihl FS38 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

The STIHL FS38 comes with a single cylinder two-stroke engine, weighs a light 4.1kg without fuel, and puts out 0.65 kW or 0.9 HP at 7,000 rpm.

How do you change the line on a Stihl FS38 trimmer?

Do you soak Stihl trimmer line?

STIHL TIP: Soak your trimmer line in water for 24 hours before re-spooling your trimmer to keep it flexible!

How long should I cut my trimmer line on a Stihl?

Why does my Stihl trimmer line keep breaking?

The most common reasons that a trimmer line keeps breaking include poor quality trimmer line, incorrect thickness of line, not being careful around hard surfaces and old line being used.

Why do you soak trimmer line in water?

Trimmer line does tend to dry out over time and becomes more brittle. Storing it or soaking it in water will help reduce line breakage and make the line more flexible.

How long should you soak trimmer line?

What thickness trimmer line is best?

Light: 0.065- to 0.080-inch line is best for trimming grass around the house and whacking down common lawn weeds from around driveways, walkways and fences. Medium: 0.080 to 0.110-inch line is best for homes with larger lawns, or gardens overgrown with weeds that have tough, heavy stems. Heavy: 0.110-inch and above.

What is the strongest trimmer line?

For the greatest durability, round string is the standard. Combining more material with less surface area, it has a longer wear time. Round string made of reinforced nylon or non-nylon polymer, or string with a hardened core material, will provide greater durability than basic nylon.

Why does my trimmer line melt together?

Trimmer line can melt together because of several reasons, here are a few. Heat created by continually trimming around fences, and or bricks. Take breaks and feed line often. Heat created by continually trimming around concrete and or asphalt.

How do you rejuvenate trimmer line?

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