What setting to put Scotts spreader on?

What should my spreader setting be?

What do the numbers mean on a Scott’s spreader?

The numbers stand for an application rate. A bag of commercial fertilizer will usually have numbers for where to set either broadcast or drop spreaders to get the recommended amount of fertilizer laid down.

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How do you use the Scotts Edgeguard spreader?

How do you spread fertilizer with Scotts Edgeguard?

To begin, turn rate control dial to the correct setting listed on the back of each Scotts® product, pour the product in the hopper, then start spreading. The lawn spreader’s design enhancements feature a curved hopper and dual-bladed agitator for smooth product funneling and consistent coverage.

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How do I calculate how much fertilizer I need to spread?

What setting should I set the Edgeguard Mini for fertilizer?

Should I water after fertilizing?

At Master Lawn, we typically say to wait 24 hours before watering your lawn after fertilizing. But it is important to make sure that it does receive a good watering session soon after that 24 hour waiting period. Watering helps the fertilizer to activate and to break down and begin feeding nutrients to the lawn.

How do I put fertilizer in my fertilizer spreader?

How do you use fertilizer with broadcast spreader?

How do you put fertilizer in a spreader?

Do you overlap with a broadcast spreader?

Your current pass should spread product so it overlaps by a couple of feet the edge of the pattern of product spread from the previous pass (25% overlap).

Why is my lawn stripes after fertilizing?

These strips are caused by the misapplication of fertilizer. More specifically, the stripes are caused by not aligning the spreader as you make each pass. Most spreaders, either drop or broadcast, will have an “edge” where the fertilizer hits the lawn.

How do you calibrate a spreader?

How much should a spreader overlap?

Overlapping 2 to 3 inches should be sufficient with a drop spreader. With a rotary spreader, overlap the pattern one-quarter to one-third of its width. For an irregular shaped lawn, apply a header strip completely around its edge. Then, move back and forth across the lawn.

How fast do you walk with a spreader?

What is Correct? Homeowner spreaders are generally calibrated to deliver the correct rate and pattern at a walking speed of 2.75 mph. Professional spreaders, which are more likely to be pushed by physically fit young males, are typically calibrated at 3.0 mph.

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How far does a broadcast spreader throw?

Are spreader settings linear?

The rate scale on a spreader is never linear!

Is a broadcast spreader rotary or drop?

Spreaders are used to evenly distribute fertilizer and grass seed across your lawn. There are two types: drop and broadcast, also known as a rotary spreader. There are two types of broadcast spreaders: walk-behind and hand-held.

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