What kind of fluid goes in a rear differential?

There are two types of differential fluid. One is mineral oil, which is a natural, crude oil-based fluid. The other is synthetic differential fluid, which is created in a lab. As with all synthetic oils, synthetic differential fluid oils can be fine-tuned for optimal performance.

What kind of oil do you use in a John Deere Gator?

TY26665: Engine Oil For RSX Gators, PLUS-50 II, 32fl Oz, SAE 0W-40 | JohnDeereStore.

What fluid goes in Polaris rear diff?

Angle Drive Fluid Advantage: Polaris Angle Drive Fluid is a high-quality lubricant designed for Polaris ORV rear final drives to maintain peak performance longer than standard automotive or aftermarket differential fluids.

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Does it matter what differential fluid I use?

The best way to determine which differential fluid is correct for your application is to reference your vehicles owner’s manual. Using the appendix, locate the section under fluids, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, or lubrication.

What weight oil goes in rear differential?

In a rear-wheel-drive car, the differential has its own housing and lubrication, a thick, dark oil usually heavier than 80 weight.

What is equivalent to Polaris AGL?

Gearcase, including ACE, Sportsman, Ranger and RZR* and may be used safely as a substitute for AGL.

What kind of oil is Polaris demand drive fluid?

– Description. Demand Drive Fluid Advantage: Polaris Demand Drive Fluid is a high performance full synthetic front gearcase lubricant designed for Polaris ORV’s to maintain peak performance better than aftermarket fluids.

What weight is Polaris diff oil?

Weight: 3.0 lbs.

What can I use instead of Polaris ADC fluid?

The Angle Drive system is found in older Polaris models. For gear-cases that require Polaris Angle Drive Fluid, use the higher viscosity AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid. Another alternative for Polaris Angle Drive Fluid is any 75W-90 gear oil meeting the API GL-5 spec.

What does ADC mean on Polaris?

Active Descent Control for ATVs

On Polaris ATVs equipped with Active Descent Control, when the switch is on ADC, the ADC system allows engine braking to all four wheels when the vehicle descends a hill or incline.

What is the weight of Polaris AGL Transmission Fluid?

4.8 ounces

What is so special about Polaris oil?

Our proprietary additive system is designed specifically for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles to reduce engine wear, optimize engine cleanliness, and deliver industry leading corrosion and storage protection. Another key component to our engine oils is our wide all-season 5W-50 viscosity range.

What weight is angle drive fluid?

2 pounds

Can I use car oil in my Polaris ATV?

You may ask, “Why can’t I just use car oil in my 4-stroke ATV/UTV? It’s the same thing, right?” The answer, in short, is no. The ATV/UTV oil “environment” is far more severe than that of an automobile.

Should you warm up ATV before changing oil?

Now that you have the supplies you need, start your ATV’s engine up and let it run for about ten minutes. This warms up the oil so it comes out of the drain easier.

Can I run Rotella in my ATV?

The Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 oil is actually certified JASO MA MA-2 and API SN so it is safe for wet clutches and has an excellent classification for gasoline engines. If your ATV has a wet clutch, be careful not to confuse the Rotella T6 0W-40 with the 5W-40.

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