What is the most economical way to run a hot tub?

It is far more energy‑efficient to start your hot tub up with warm water rather than filling the hot tub with cold water and waiting for the pump’s heater to do all the work. Additionally, if you don’t require your hot tub to be as full as possible then consider only filling it up to the minimum line.

How can I save money in my hot tub?

What’s the best temperature for a hot tub when not in use?

If that’s you, you’ve probably wondered what temperature should you keep a hot tub when not in use? As a general rule, a hot tub should be set between 98 and 104 degrees Farenheit even if not in use. For vacations lasting between 2 and 6 weeks, lower the temperature by 5 degrees.

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What is the most economical way to run a hot tub? – Related Questions

Is it cheaper to keep a hot tub on all the time?

It’s cheaper!

One of the main reasons for keeping your hot tub on constantly is cost! Once your hot tub is up to the desired temperature, it only requires a relatively small amount of electricity to keep the water at that temperature.

Does a hot tub use a lot of electricity?

A larger tub will require more power to heat and to move a larger body of water, and to operate more jets. This will be reflected on your electricity bill. Usage – Using your hot tub 3-4 hours a week could mean an extra 100-120 Kilowatts on average.

What temperature should a hot tub be set at when not in use in winter?

In the wintertime, as a general rule, it’s typically much more efficient to leave your hot tub somewhere around 95° Fahrenheit when not in use.

How do I maintain my hot tub while on vacation?

  1. Check your water level.
  2. Check your water is balanced.
  3. Add 2 caps (60g) of Sun-Boom.
  4. Leave your hot tub cover open for an Hour.
  5. Check your filters.
  6. Keep your temperature High.
  7. Check your cover is in good condition.
  8. Ask Someone to Check Your Spa.

What temperature should hot tub be in winter?

Maintain the water temperature

We’ve mentioned water temperature above, and you may be wondering, “what is the ideal water temperature?” We suggest keeping your hot tub between 97 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. This is because the colder it is outside, the longer it will take for a hot tub to heat up.

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Should I turn my hot tub down overnight?

In most cases, yes; you should leave your hot tub on 24/7. Frequently turning it off and on, or frequently lowering and raising the temperature will significantly raise your electricity costs. However, do consider turning it off, or winterizing it, if you plan to be away for 3 weeks or longer.

How much electricity does a hot tub use per month?

Modern manufacturers advertise the cost to run their hot tubs at about one dollar per day, with $50 per month at the high end.

Does it cost more to run a hot tub in the winter?

The electricity your spa’s heater uses to keep your water hot is an ongoing expense associated with hot tub ownership. This cost would rises in the winter when the cold outside air forces your heater to work harder to maintain your water’s constant high temperature.

How fast does a hot tub lose heat?

Once a hot tub is hot you are only ever topping up lost heat. A 1.5KW heater will put about 3 degrees of heat into a spa per hour, so a typical 1/2 hour use will drop the spa temperature about 1 degree, meaning it will take about 20 minutes to recover.

Can you stay in a hot tub for 2 hours?

If you’re a healthy adult, it’s safe to use your spa at 102°F for as long as you wish. If you’re over 65, even if you’re in good health, you should consult your doctor to determine what’s right for you. In many cases, you’ll get the green light to stay in the spa as long as you’re comfortable and feeling well.

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What happens if you stay in a hot tub for 3 hours?


Since the water in a hot tub is a higher temperature than your normal internal temperature, staying in a hot tub too long can cause you to overheat and experience symptoms like light-headedness, dizziness, or nausea.

Is 40 degrees hot enough for a hot tub?

Temperature Limits

It is important to ensure that you stay under the recommended Maximum Temperature for Hot Tubs, which is 40°C/104°F. By exceeding the 40°C/104°F recommended temperature limit, you are putting your body at risk – let’s all stay safe so we can carry on enjoying our tubs!

Is 37 degrees too cold for a hot tub?

Personal preference

Your hot tub factory settings will be at 38 degrees, but body temperature of 37 degrees is a generally good start for your hot tub. It’s regarded that women tend to like it slightly hotter at 38 – 39 degrees. This may be that women on the whole tend to feel the cold more than men.

Is 37 degrees good for hot tub?

During summer, it’s best to set your hot tub to 36-37°C (97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit) to prevent overheating.

What happens if hot tub is too hot?

Hot Tub temperatures above 104° can raise the internal body temperature too high, and can progress from feeling light-headed or dizzy, to fainting or passing-out. Losing consciousness while using a spa or hot tub can lead to drowning, of course.

Is it OK to hot tub everyday?

When shopping for hot tubs, many people will ask their dealers ‘Can I use a hot tub every day? ‘ The short answer is that yes, it is safe to use your hot tub every day.

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