What is the latest version of Sage 300?

Sage 300 2021 program fixes
  • Sage 300 2021 includes program fixes for some problems that exist in the most recent previous version (Sage 300 2020 Product Update 2).
  • Fixed a problem that prevented you from signing in to Sage 300cloud web screens using version 84 (or newer) of the Chrome browser.

Is Sage 300 the same as Timberline?

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, formerly Sage Timberline Office, provides contractors, developers, and property managers with the most complete solution for managing the entire project or property lifecycle with confidence, precision, and efficiency.

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How do I update Sage 300 CRE?

Log on the file server as an administrator, and launch TS Main or Sage Desktop and run Tools , Upgrade files (TS Main) or Common Tasks, Tools, Upgrade files (Desktop). Follow the prompts to upgrade your company data folders.

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How do I run a file doctor in Sage 300?

To access File Tools from Sage Desktop in versions 15.1 and prior:
  1. Open Sage Desktop.
  2. Go to Tasks, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Common Tasks, Tools, File Doctor.
  3. Select the Current data folder to fix specific files in the current data folder.
  4. In the Tasks section.

How do I contact Sage support?

If you aren’t able to answer your security questions, please contact us on 0191 479 5955. Alternatively, you can create a new MySage login using a different email address.

How do you chat with Sage?

Start an Online chat

Select the product you need help with, then click Chat now. TIP: If you can’t see the Online chat option you may need to click Something else and then click View other contact options. Complete the Online chat form, then click Start chat.

What time is Sage Helpline open?

We’re running live Q&A sessions Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm where our product experts are answering your questions.

How do I email sage?

Open: Tools > Run Sage Report Designer.
  1. Go to the File Explorer, and browse to default > layouts folder.
  2. Double-click on a document layout.
  3. Select Tools > Options | Email setup.
  4. Select Internet Mail (SMTP) and click Configure.
  5. Choose your email provider, or click Custom.
  6. Enter the details for your email provider.

What is Sage chat?

Online Chat
Sage Group / Customer service chat

How do I contact Sage in Canada?

Sage Accountants Network – Canada:
  1. Partner program applications.
  2. Partner priority support. 1-866-665-2559.

What is a sage membership?

With the SAGE Advantage Membership, you have the potential to reach over 45,000 distributor users and expand your customer base. This means that your products will be seen in SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, and SAGE Web – and will even be able to reach end buyers on distributor websites too!

How do I download Sage Online?

  1. Go to www.sagemember.com.
  2. Use your login ID and password to log in to SAGEmember.com.
  3. From the Support tab, click Downloads.
  4. Click the first item in the list, SAGEOnlineSetup.exe, and select to run it when prompted.
  5. Follow the prompts to install SAGE Online.

What is better sage or ASI?

ASI and SAGE both have good software for searching for products. It is our understanding that SAGE is a lot less expensive than ASI’s ESP software. In regards to supplier fees, SAGE is far less expensive for us than ASI. ASI offers more opportunities for us to advertise to distributors than SAGE.

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How much does it cost to join ASI?

There is also a one-time-only, non-refundable application fee of $150. This can be paid online with a credit card or by check through the mail to the listed address.

Who is the largest promotional products distributor?

Top 40 Distributors 2021
Company Name2020 Sales (millions)Difference vs. 2019
1. HALO Branded Solutions$765.7-2.7%
2. Staples Promotional Products (EG)$643.67.0%
3. 4imprint$549.9-34.5%
4. Proforma$538.57.5%

What is an ASI vendor?

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) is a for-profit organization serving the advertising specialty industry (which mainly creates and distributes promotional products).

How many members are in asi?

The ASI is headed by a Director General who is assisted by an Additional Director General, two Joint Directors General, and 17 Directors.

What is the role of ASI?

The ASI performs and regulates all activities related to archaeological research and excavation in India. It also preserves and maintains historical monuments and sites. It conducts archaeological excavations and explorations.

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