What is in Chili’s house margarita?

What is Chili’s Margarita of the Month for June 2022?

June’s Marg of the Month Tito’s Watermelon Spritz All Month long!

What is Chili’s march margarita of the month?

Jameson® Irish Whiskey, Lunazul® Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec & fresh sour.

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Does chilis sell their margarita mix?

Presidente Margarita® Kit – 5-Pack

Take and make our famous Presidente Margaritas® at home! Comes with everything you need including premium tequila, brandy, Chili’s fresh sour & triple sec mix, salt and lime. Tequila brand will vary.

What tequila does chilis use?

Now the best-selling cocktail at all of the chain’s 1,606 locations, Chili’s “top-tier Margarita” is made with Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila, Patrón Citrónge Premium Orange Liqueur, and Presidente Brandy. The latter is solera-aged in white oak, and is reportedly the best-selling spirit in all of Mexico.

What is Chili’s margarita of the month for May?


Turn your “May” into a “definitely” and sip on our $6 Cheer’s to Patrón ‘Rita while it’s shaking things up all month long!

Does chilis have a drink of the month?

That’s why we created the Margarita of the Month to give our guests a premium margarita at a sensible price, always. From flavors like Cherry to Peach and iconic brands like Deep Eddy Vodka to 1800® Reposado Tequila, we’re changing it up each month to match the season using quality ingredients we love.

What is Chili’s margarita of the month for June?

The ‘Rita is made with Mi Campo Silver Tequila, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Chili’s fresh sour, topped with Monin Classic Watermelon and soda for the perfect summer spritz! Throughout June, you can cool down with the Tito’s Watermelon Spritz ‘Rita in-restaurant or to-go at participating locations.

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Why is Margarita Day on Feb 22?

22 of every year as National Margarita Day. Todd McCalla founded National Margarita Day to spread his love for margaritas around the world. Loved and consumed by millions, friends and families around the world honor this sacred tequila, triple sec and lime drink every year on February 22.

Is there a national alcoholic day?

National Alcohol Day is held every year on October 2nd. In 2021, National Alcohol Day will fall on Saturday, October 2nd.

Is there a world Alcohol day?

On October 3, people and communities around the world organize activities, take over social media, create alcohol-free environments, arrange events, and spread sober inspiration in their societies through small and big actions.

What National drink day is it?


What is the biggest drinking day of the year in the United States?

The day before Thanksgiving—known as Blackout Wednesday—is the biggest drinking day of the year in many areas of the United States. But why has this hump-day holiday become the most popular day to binge drink?

What is the biggest drinking day of the week?

Blackout Wednesday (also known as Drinksgiving) refers to binge drinking on the night before the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

What drinking day is Monday?

Margarita Monday, Boozeday Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, then the weekend begins!

What is the busiest drinking night of the year?

The night before Thanksgiving is widely known as the biggest drinking night of the year.

What is the drink 2022?

Martini Madness

We named the martini the Drink of The Year making its presence on this list a shoe-in. 2022 bore witness to a Martini renaissance filled with creative takes on the classic, iconic cocktail.

What is the number 1 cocktail in the world?


As the most ordered cocktail in the world, the classic Margarita has been one of the most popular cocktails in America for years and still remains on top. While there are many variations, the traditional recipe consists of tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice.

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