What is a blue brindle French Bulldog?

Blue brindle French Bulldogs’ pattern is made up of blue and fawn hairs. Depending on the mixture of blue and fawn hairs, these Frenchies can range from very dark to very light. ​Blue brindle Frenchie puppies can also have a white chest or other small areas of white. They usually have a dark colored nose and eyes.

How rare is a brindle French Bulldog?

In fact, Brindle is one of the most common French Bulldog colors.

Is brindle a rare color for French Bulldogs?

A Brindle French bulldog is a rare breed with more captivating colors and patterns than a regular bulldog. If you’ve never seen one before, they are often dark with a mixture of lighter hair in various color patterns. Since brindle is a pattern and not a color they are in essence a patterned breed.

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What is a blue brindle French Bulldog? – Related Questions

What is the rarest color Frenchie?

The rarest colors of French Bulldogs are blue, lilac, blue and tan, and chocolate and tan. Add that Merle coats. A blue merle is perhaps the rarest of them all. In a world where a standard French Bulldog costs several thousand dollars, these rare colors can sell for tens of thousands.

What is the most expensive Frenchie color?

Besides blue and lilac French bulldogs, Isabella French bulldogs are considered the most expensive French bulldog color. Although Isabella French bulldogs have the same characteristics as standard Frenchies, they’re proud owners of surreal shades of a coat.

Why do breeders not like brindle French Bulldogs?

Not because they’re new, or from a hidden gene that suddenly emerged, but because they have been proven to harm the breed in some way. The same holds true with other breeds as well. Frenchies who are all white or all black with no trace of brindle carry the deaf gene, and can produce blue-eyed dogs with eye problems.

Is brindle rare?

It is believed that the brindle patterns are caused by a genetic mutation and although brindle is a relatively rare color pattern, it can be found in a variety of horse breeds. However, they are most commonly seen in draft horses and ponies.

Are brindle French Bulldogs healthier?

Frenchies are prone to health issues, regardless of coloration. While brindle pups aren’t necessarily more prone to most illness or health issues than other colors, you can still expect to see some common health issues, especially from a backyard breeder.

What do brindle Frenchies carry?

The “Kbr” gene, also known as the brindle gene, is dominant over the “ky” gene. If a dog carries one copy of brindle it is showed as (kbr/ky) in the K-Locus or two copies(kbr/kbr). If the dog have 1 or 2 copies of the brindle gene the dog will express a brindle coat.

What is the most expensive Frenchie?

Isabella Frenchies are the most expensive French Bulldogs.

The wildly expensive variety is considered the rarest Frenchie variation, with beautiful light-colored eyes ranging from blue to pale yellow. The dog also has silvery-blue hair and the classic happy-faced Frenchie look.

What is a reverse blue brindle?

Reverse brindle is a coat color in specimens of certain dog breeds. Dog with reverse brindle coats typically appear to be mostly black or to have fawn brindling on a black background. So-called reverse brindle actually is brindling so heavy that it produces this effect.

What color is blue brindle?

Blue brindle stripes are gray with soft fawn in between them. Blue brindle Pits also have blue noses. So, they’re sometimes called blue nose brindle Pitbulls.

Can a brindle dog carry Merle?

The gene might cause the dog to be brindled all over or just points such as around their ears or base of their tail. Fawn, blue, harlequin, brindle, chocolate and piebald are all recessive genes that can be carried in any color. The brindle can also carry unseen colors. Merle and black are dominant genes.

What colors can a brindle Frenchie produce?

Brindle French Bulldog has a base coat of fawn hairs through which black hairs extend in bands to produce a coat that can range from a tiger brindle in which fawn hairs predominate to the more common dark brindles in which the black hairs predominate.

Do brindle dogs have problems?

Brindle coloring itself is not an issue in terms of your dog’s health. But, it can be mixed with other color coat genes that do lead to health problems. For example, the merle gene is known to cause ear and eye problems in dogs.

What is a ghost merle?

Dogs with cryptic merle (also called phantom or ghost merle) typically display little to no merle pattern and some may be misclassified as non-merles. The cryptic merle alleles occur in the lower end of the range (typically from 200-255, however, this range and designation varies by study).

Can you breed 2 merle dogs?

If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. One copy of the merle gene causes a marbling effect on the coat and creates lighter spots throughout the solid color coat.

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