What do you do with black locust?

In Hungary, Black Locust is the basis of commercial honey production. The high-density wood is the most rot resistant wood we can grow in our climate, making it an ideal material for fenceposts, hope poles, outdoor furniture, decks, and other projects that require weatherproof materials.

How to make black locust flower syrup?

Black Locust Recipe – Black Locust Flower Syrup
  1. Black Locust Flower Syrup makes about 4+ cups of syrup.
  2. 2 1/4 c. water.
  3. Allow the sugar syrup to cool to 80°F, then add the black locust flowers. Let the flowers steep in the syrup for 24 hours. Filter out the flowers and give them a squeeze to extract all the flavor.

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Is black locust good for honey?

Black Locust is one of the first nectar sources for bees foraging in our Appalachian forests. The nectar produces a floral, fruity and delicate honey. Our beekeepers describe the flavor as very sweet, with hints of vanilla, and no aftertaste.

Is black locust wood good for anything?

Common Uses: Fence posts, boatbuilding, flooring, furniture, mine timbers, railroad ties, turned objects, and veneer. Comments: Black locust is a very hard and strong wood, competing with hickory (Carya genus) as the strongest and stiffest domestic timber: but with more stability and rot resistance.

What can you make with black locust flowers?

Most of the time when I see people cooking with black locust flowers it’s in the form of flower jelly or deep-fried blossom fritters.

How do you use black locust flowers?

While the flowers only last about two weeks at best, they are a an important flower for honey production and favoured by bees. Remove stems and bunch together a small handful of the recently opened fresh flowers and coat in batter to deep fry. Finish with lemon and powdered sugar or black locust syrup.

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Are honey locust flowers edible?

When their nectaries are full, they’re high up the list of our favorite flowers (black locust flowers tastes like a sweet pea filled with honey). They can be eaten fresh or made into preserves, wine or other treats.

Is black locust the same as honey locust?

Honey locust leaves are bright green, while black locust leaves are blue-green. Outside of cultivation thorns are common on both species, and the thorns of honey locust are much longer (up to 8” long). Juvenile black locust has similar foliage to the shrubby bristly locust (R.

How poisonous are black locust?

They are toxic to both livestock and humans and have been reported to cause symptoms from gastrointestinal distress to nervous system disorders. Any exposure to black locust should be taken seriously, and professional guidance should sought.

Can you eat black locust pods?

It reproduces itself by seeds, and also spreads by underground stems. Animals have been poisoned from browsing black-locust sprouts, eating the pods and seeds, gnawing the bark, eating the leaves, and drinking water in which pods had remained for some time. Cattle are the most frequently poisoned of all animals.

Why is the black locust a problem?

Some studies suggest that black locust can release toxic substances that suppress the growth of other plants (allelopathy).

Does black locust make good firewood?

Most locust trees are tough and durable, making them ideal for firewood. The wood is dense and burns hot, providing a long-lasting fire that is perfect for cold weather. The best type of locust tree for firewood is the Black Locust. This tree is native to North America and can grow up to 50 feet tall.

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Is black locust harder than oak?

Is Black Locust harder than oak? Black Locust wood is harder than White Oak. We measure hardness of wood with the Janka Hardness scale: the higher the number the tougher the wood. Black Locust wood’s Janka hardness scale is 1,700 lbf (7,560 N) compared to White Oak Janka hardness scale of 1,360 (6,000 N).

What is the lifespan of a black locust tree?

Black locust is a fast growing but medium- lived deciduous tree with an average lifespan of about 80 to 90 years (rarely over 100).

Do locust trees have any value?

Rot-resistant, valuable wood

Heartwood from Black Locust trees is a very hard and is extremely rot resistant. This gives it numerous uses in decking, outdoor furniture, fence posts, decking, and furniture. It also has a very high heating value making it a valuable firewood or use in a pellet stove.

Is black locust poisonous to dogs?

Toxicity to pets

The leaves of the black locust plant are toxic to pets. All parts of the plant contain poisons called toxalbumins (robin, phasin, and robitin), with the seeds and bark containing the highest concentration of these toxins. Common signs to watch for: Vomiting.

Is black locust a hardwood?

Black locust is a coarse grained hardwood with yellowish-brown heartwood when first finished. The heartwood can have dark areas and darkens with age.

Is black locust expensive?

But it’s worth it: Beyond the sustainability benefits, black locust is also cost-effective. In bulk, it’s $5.44 per square foot, while ipe is more than $7 per square foot.

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