What did Louise Thompson suffer with?

Louise Thompson has been diagnosed with PTSD after suffering complications while giving birth to her son Leo-Hunter. The Former Made in Chelsea star, 32, explained that she has even had moments of forgetting that she has a baby due to her health struggles.

What happened to Louise giving birth?

Louise Thompson penned a lengthy post about suffering from a ‘weird form of dementia’ as she explained her memory loss and struggles. The star went through the traumatic birth of her first baby where she nearly died twice and has been left with a string of health issues.

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When did LOUISE Thompson give birth?

March 26, 1990 (age 32 years), South Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Louise Thompson / Born

When was LOUISE Thompson baby born?

Louise and her fiancé Ryan Libbey become parents to a ‘little miracle baby’ in November 2021, naming the tot Leo-Hunter Libbey, but their son’s arrival saw mother and baby “dancing with death” following a dramatic labour – with Louise still suffering from major health complications to this day.

What is LOUISE Thompson’s baby called?

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson revealed in December that she’d given birth to a baby boy called Leo-Hunter with her partner Ryan Libbey.

Who is Kilgrave’s mom?

Louise Thompson was a scientist who experimented on her son Kevin, along with her husband Albert in order to save him from his degenerative brain disease.

Is Jessica immune to Kilgrave?

The titular character from Jessica Jones, portrayed by Krysten Ritter, is immune to the powers of her nemesis Kilgrave (David Tennant), and here’s why. “The Defenders Saga” has come to Disney+, introducing a whole new range of potential viewers to the adventures of its gritty street-level superheroes.

Why did Trish turn evil?

Trish became jealous of Jessica’s superpowers (a feeling that has been lingering all along) and lashed out at her, even going so far as to kill Jessica’s long-lost mother because she felt she was a threat.

What did Kilgrave do to Jessica?

Kilgrave, a psychotic mind controller, meets Jessica on the street during one of her acts of heroism, and becomes infatuated with her. Kilgrave uses his powers to make Jessica his subservient slave – forcing her to do whatever he wants. A sick man, Kilgrave believes these acts prove his “love” of Jessica.

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Why is Kilgrave not purple?

Zebediah Killgrave aka the Purple Man was a Croatian Spy turned supervillain. He was exposed to various unnamed chemicals changing his skin to a purple hue. He was altered by an accident and ended up giving him the new ability to control people’s minds at his will using pheromones.

Can Daredevil resist Kilgrave?

These abilities can overwhelm most, but sufficiently strong-willed people, such as Doctor Doom and Kingpin, have been able to resist its influence, and Daredevil has been able to resist Kilgrave as the powers rely on full sensory manipulation, Daredevil’s blindness hindering the amount of input he receives and making

Did Jessica Jones Love Kilgrave?

All the while, Kilgrave’s warped perspective of their complex dynamic still insists that Jones will learn to love him, even after he brainwashed her, sexually assaulted her and made her an accomplice to murder. Jones’ hatred for Kilgrave is what leads her to face her fears and confront him.

Why does Kilgrave want Jessica’s picture?

The Kidnapping of Jessica Jones was a months-long attempt by Kilgrave to use his mind control abilities to keep Jessica Jones as his personal sex slave.

Who is the purple avenger?

The purple guy that everyone is wondering about is in fact Thanos. The rest of this article is specific to his appearance during the credits of the first Avengers movie, but it still does a good job at explaining the character.

Is Kilgrave in Luke Cage?

Kevin Thompson, or better known as Kilgrave, is the main antagonist of the Netflix series Marvel’s Jessica Jones, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1 and the posthumous overarching antagonist in both Seasons 2 and 3. He was also a mentioned character in both Luke Cage and The Defenders.

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Who kills Kilgrave?

Scene Discussion #128 – Jessica kills Kilgrave | Fandom. Continuing the “Scene Discussion” is the shocking moment where Jessica Jones tricks Kilgrave into thinking he’s controlled her, only for her to snap his neck, killing him.

Does Kilgrave return in Season 2?

As Kilgrave does appear in the season, Rosenberg felt it was important to have him return to “be that mirror again” for Jones, as he is “such a part of her construction and her dilemma”.

Is Kingpin a mutant?

As mentioned previously, Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin, doesn’t have any special superhuman powers or abilities. Instead, Fisk is simply a businessman and the head of a huge criminal organization.

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