What colors make a merle French Bulldog?

How is a merle French Bulldog made?

French Bulldogs are bred with dogs that have the merle gene, usually a chihuahua, to create a merle French Bulldog. After this, two merle French Bulldogs can be bred to create more but, again, this would mean the puppies are not purebred since the parents aren’t.

How do you make merle dogs?

The merle pattern is produced when a dog has a single copy of the M< allele. All merle dogs have the genotype Mm — meaning they have one allele for merle and one allele for non-merle. All non-merles are mm.

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What causes merle?

Heterozygosity for a Short INterspersed Element (SINE) insertion in canine PMEL causes a striking pigmentation pattern, known as merle, that is unique to domesticated dogs. A SINE is a type of retrotransposon, a “mobile” DNA element that can be copied and pasted into a new location in the genome.

Can you breed to merle dogs?

If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. One copy of the merle gene causes a marbling effect on the coat and creates lighter spots throughout the solid color coat.

What breeds carry merle gene?

The Merle pattern can be seen in various breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd Dog, Australian Koolie, Border Collie, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Louisiana Catahoula, Labradoodle, Miniature American Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Pyrenean Shepherd, Rough Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Welsh Sheepdog, Cardigan

How does the merle gene work?

The merle allele typically modifies the eye color to blue or heterochromatic and that of nose and paws to appear pink-spotted [9]. Although the merle allele segregates in several breeds, there is no breed, where it would be fixed.

How do you get a merle pitbull puppy?

Adopting a Merle Pitbull. You can usually only find these dogs at breeders, as they are rare and typically don’t occur naturally. Breeders often must pick dogs that have the merle gene specifically to breed them. After the puppies are produced, they can cost thousands of dollars.

How much are merle French bulldogs?

Merle French Bulldogs are rare, exotic and expensive. Expect prices to start at $7,500 and go up to $20,000. Be wary of breeders that have ‘cheap’ French Bulldogs because there are many French Bulldog scams out there and backyard breeders.

Where does the merle gene come from?

Each dog has two copies of every gene; one that they inherit from their mother and one they inherit from their father. The merle gene variant is dominant, which means that a dog only needs one copy, inherited from either of their parents, to have a merle coat.

How do you get a full merle litter?

Merle puppies are circled in blue and double merles are circled in red. Non merles are not circled. It’s clear from this that breeding a double merle to a non merle is the only way to get a completely merle litter.

What is a ghost merle?

Dogs with cryptic merle (also called phantom or ghost merle) typically display little to no merle pattern and some may be misclassified as non-merles. The cryptic merle alleles occur in the lower end of the range (typically from 200-255, however, this range and designation varies by study).

Is merle a birth defect?

Merle is actually a heterozygote of an incompletely dominant gene. If two such dogs are mated, on the average one quarter of the puppies will be “double merles”, which is the common term for dogs homozygous for merle, and a high percentage of these double merle puppies could have eye defects and/or be deaf.

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Why can’t 2 merles breed?

The merle gene causes pets to have multicolored coats and striking blue eyes. Having the merle gene is great, but becomes problematic when two dogs with that gene are paired. Birth defects in litters can happen when two dogs with this merle gene are bred together, hence double merle breeding.

Can you breed a white dog with a merle?

If you plan to breed a dog with the merle gene, you should not breed it with another of similar genetic makeup. If lucky, the dog will be colorful and healthy, but there is a substantial chance that the double merle gene offspring could be blind, deaf or both. In other words, don’t do it.

Are merle puppies healthy?

Yes – merle dogs can be just as healthy as dogs that have a solid color. They have the same life expectancy, they are just as strong and athletic and smart as their counterparts without the merle gene. In lines with responsible merle breedings, all offspring will be healthy and live a long life.

Can two merle dogs mate?

Merles are flashy and sought-after, leading many greedy backyard breeders to pair them together in hopes of throwing a litter of all merle. Mating merle to merle gives each puppy produced a ¼ chance of being solid colored, a ½ chance of being merle, and a ¼ chance of being what we call a double merle.

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