What can I use instead of a tree skirt?

  1. Live Root Ball. Cut the fabric of choice into a square large enough to wrap around your tree skirt.
  2. Deco Mesh Wreath. Grab a friend and make this festive deco mesh wreath to use as an alternative to a tree skirt.
  3. Faux Fur Blanket.
  4. Gift Box.

Can you use a blanket as a tree skirt?

A Textured or Patterned Blanket

A textured or pattern blanket is an easy and cost-effective way to DIY a tree skirt. Plus, they add such a cozy touch! Whether it be a brand new blanket, or the one hanging from the back of your couch, the options are endless. Tip: Go for an oversized blanket over one that is smaller.

Do you use a tree skirt with a Christmas tree collar?

The collar is the modern answer to a traditional tree skirt. Both the skirt and the collar serve the same purpose, covering ugly tree stands; you can choose one or the other based on your personal style.

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Should I put a towel under my Christmas tree?

Do not use a towel! Water and moisture will get trapped which is bad news for your floors. Before hauling your tree inside, shake off any loose needles.

Do you put a skirt under a tree collar?

Tree collars are a fun new trend popping up and we are here for it! They add texture and dimension and more of a modern feeling as well. I still recommend using a blanket or tree skirt inside the tree collar to hide the bottom of the tree.

How do you style a tree collar?

Color and Finish
  1. Woven Christmas tree collars would look lovely paired with gold-trimmed trees, or with traditional red and green palettes.
  2. Hammered tree collars would pair really well with any boho style decor.
  3. Galvanized and metal collars look lovely paired with modern farmhouse style decor settings.

What do you put inside a tree collar?

I chose to fill the inside of the tree collar with some burlap fabric. It covers the stand and fills in the empty space so nicely! You could use another kind of fabric or even a white “snow blanket.”

Do you need a Christmas tree skirt?

A tree skirt makes a Christmas tree look complete. It pulls together the ornaments, the lights, and the other Christmas decor in the room. Choose a style in keeping with your decor and let the skirt dress up your Christmas tree. It provides a beautiful backdrop for gifts.

What is a Christmas tree skirt used for?

A tree skirt is great for covering up the unattractive ‘legs’, trunk or stand of a tree, plus any unsightly wires, and so will give your festive decorating theme a cohesive, uncluttered look. It will also protect your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles.

Should a tree skirt be bigger than the tree?

As a general piece of advice, your tree skirt should extend 4-6” beyond the widest branches of your tree so that it can be seen without being covered with gifts or low-hanging branches.

Should Christmas tree skirt be wider than tree?

A good rule of thumb for Christmas tree skirt size is to use one that’s at least 6 inches bigger than the full width of your tree. So if your tree is 54 inches wide, you need a 60-inch tree skirt.

Should tree skirt cover tree stand?

Your skirt should always completely cover your tree stand from view. If yours does not, it is too small.

Can you leave a tree stand up all year?

When you make the personal decision to leave a treestand in the woods for months or years at a time, you risk equipment failure that could result in bodily injury or death. Always wear a safety harness/climbing apparatus and use a lifeline when hanging and hunting from any treestand.

How big should a tree skirt be for a 7.5 ft tree?

Live trees 7.5′ and higher can use a 56″ tree skirt if the tree stand is large in size as well. 48″ is great for 7.5′ Christmas trees. 42″ – 48″ are ideal for 4.5′ – 6.5′ trees. 20″ mini tree skirts are for tabletop 2-3′ trees.

Can a tree skirt be too big?

The skirt should be big enough to fully cover the tree stand underneath. The skirt should extend beyond this by at least several inches because it will have to drape down to the floor as well. The skirt shouldn’t extend beyond the average width of the tree branches.

What size tree skirt goes with a 6 foot tree?

36 inch tree skirts are designed for 4ft to 6ft trees (depending on fullness). 48 inch tree skirts are designed for 6ft to 8ft trees (depending on fullness).

What fabric is best for a tree skirt?

Making a Christmas tree skirt is actually similar to making a round tablecloth. A simple tree skirt with a 72” diameter can be made from four yards of 45” fabric. Broadcloth, brocade, velour, fleece, and other fabrics can be used.

How do you stop a tree from growing too high?

How to reduce tree size
  1. An all over trim in spring or summer: This is only really appropriate for some smaller formal trees, especially evergreens.
  2. Pruning when dormant: Usually involves shortening side-branches all over the tree to make it smaller and more attractive.

Why you shouldn’t top your trees?

Tree Death: Topping trees, obviously puts a tremendous amount of stress on the tree. Such stress could very likely cause the tree to die, especially if the tree is already under stress. If the tree already has cavities, and topping creates more wounds, the tree could fall apart after further decay has occured.

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