What breeds make a long haired French Bulldog?

The breed was historically developed in the 1800s and was a cross between an English Bulldog and local ratter dogs in France. One can argue that these “local ratter” dogs could have been long coated or carried long hair gene which has been carried through the generations.

Are long haired Frenchies real?

Not many of you have seen a long haired French bulldog, however, they really exist. They have distinctive bat ears, Frenchie’s body shape, and visibly longer hair from standard Frenchies. The wavy, and longer hair usually occurs on their heads, and slightly goes into shorter on the back.

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Are long hair French Bulldogs rare?

Meet the super-rare cuties that are taking the internet by storm— long-haired purebred French bulldogs. According to Frenchie Mania, these lion-eared Frenchies are the result of two parents carrying an extremely rare and recessive gene that doesn’t typically appear in the breed.

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How much is a fluffy Frenchie worth?

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $13,000 to $16,000 for one of these puppies. That is far more than other breeds out there. However, this is largely due to the rarity of these dogs.

Are fluffy Frenchies more expensive?

Furry Frenchies are the most expensive French Bulldog types with a cost that can range from $15,00 to $35,000. Some breeders who boast of purebred blood lines and a combo of rare colors like blue or lilac charge upwards of $65,000 for a Fluffy French Bulldog puppy.

Are long-haired French Bulldogs healthy?

Their Health

If a long-haired Frenchie is responsibly bred, they won’t have any more health issues than other French Bulldogs.

How long do fluffy Frenchies live?

It’s safe to say the Frenchie will make a great companion dog. How long do these dogs live? The average French bulldog lifespan is 10-12 years.

Can you register a fluffy Frenchie?

Since they can’t be entered at dog shows, and many purists regard them as “not proper Frenchies”, however, they can still be purebred, and registered as such.

What does L1 fluffy mean?

Lh / Lh. A full fluffy dog is the same as a classic french bulldog but carries 2 copies of a recessive long hair gene called L1 or L4. They have medium length wavy hair which covers them from head to paw. In addition to this, they can still be pure bred french bulldogs.

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Are fluffy Frenchies recognized by AKC?

Do Kennel Clubs Recognize Fluffy Frenchies? Even though there are no proven faults associated with fluffy Frenchies, they aren’t recognized by kennel organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and United Kennel Club (UKC).

What is the difference between a French Bulldog L1 and L4?

The French bulldog Coat Length test is designed to look for both coat length mutations found in the breed (L1 and L4). L4 is slightly more common than L1 but both may lead to fluffy dogs. Any combination of two L alleles (L4/L4, L4/L1, or L1/L1) will result in a fluffy coat.

How do you know if your French Bulldog carries the fluffy gene?

Genetic testing of the FGF5 gene will reliably determine whether a dog is a genetic Carrier of long hair. Long hair is inherited in an Autosomal Recessive fashion, meaning that two copies of the Lh variant are required to produce long hair.

Why are fluffy Frenchies so expensive?

The main reason why French Bulldogs are so expensive is that the breeding costs are extremely high. What is this? For Frenchies to reproduce, they require artificial insemination & c-sections, which will cost the breeder anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. And that’s on top of all the other breeding expenses!

Can two fluffy carriers make a full Fluffy?

Even if two carriers of the FGF 5 or long-haired gene are bred, there is only a 25% chance that their puppies will be Fluffy Frenchies due to the Sh, or shorthaired gene being dominant in French Bulldogs. To guarantee long-haired Frenchie puppies, a Fluffy Frenchie must be bred with another Fluffy Frenchie.

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What does L1 mean in French Bulldogs?

Long-Hair (Fluffy)

There are different numbers sometimes associated with the gene (L1,L2,etc) but if two copies of this gene are present it will produce a fluffy Frenchie. L/L (no copies) – dog does not carry the gene. L/l (one copy) – dog carries, but does not display long hair.

What does N N mean in French Bulldogs?

1 copy of dominant black is present. N/N. Dog does not have the dominant black mutation. * This result is sometimes associated with the brindle pattern.

What does DD mean in French Bulldogs?

A French bulldog that is blue (d/d) and testable chocolate (b/b) is called and Isabella French Bulldog. A dog that is blue (d/d), Cocoa (co/co) and Testable Chocolate (b/b) is also called an Isabella French Bulldog.

What DNA makes isabella Frenchie?

3. In order to breed an Isabella Frenchie, both parents need to both have a blue and chocolate gene. They should be Isabella-coated themselves, or carry the blue gene. As you can see, it comes down to heritage.

How do you know if your dog carries isabella?

When a dog has two copies of the d allele, a black dog will become blue (aka slate) and a liver (chocolate) dog becomes isabella (aka lilac). A blue or isabella can have any coat pattern, but whatever they have, any black or liver in the coat will be turned to blue or isabella.

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