Is there a charge with plum?

a product provider fee of 0.15%, plus a 0.06%–0.90% fund management fee (depending on the funds you select). Please note that these fees relate only to the ISA and GIA accounts.

How do I stop plum from taking money?

You cannot pause Round Ups like normal auto-stashes, so you need to turn them off entirely. This means if you want Plum to stop taking money all together, you need to pause your auto-stashes AND turn off Round Ups. Turning off Round Ups does not cancel pending deposits.

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Do you have to pay for plum plus?

While plum rewards is free to join, plum PLUS is a fee-based loyalty program offered by Indigo to customers at participating Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Indigospirit, and The Book Company stores.

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What is the difference between Plum and Plum plus?

What is the difference between plum PLUS and plum rewards? plum rewards is free to join whereas plum PLUS has an annual membership fee. plum points can be collected and redeemed with both the plum rewards and plum PLUS program. Only plum PLUS members receive a 10% discount and free shipping.

Are Plum points worth it?

How Much Is a Plum Rewards Point Worth? For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 5 plum points, and to convert plum points to dollars, 2500 points have a $5 value. That’s good for a 1% earnings rate, or . 002 cents per point (CCP) $5.00/2500 points = .

Is Plum app free?

It’s free to start setting aside money with Plum. The free Plum Basic plan includes the app download and registration, as well as unlimited deposits and withdrawals, and the automatic deposit feature and bill analysis. But there are fees for investing your money with Plum: Investment fee.

How much do you save with plum plus?


How do plum investments work?

Plum Investments allow you to invest in “Mutual Funds”, which means you to invest in lots of different companies via one fund.

What happens if I close my plum account?

You’ll get an email confirmation once your account has been successfully closed. This procedure cancels any active Direct Debit mandates and deletes your bank login information from Truelayer, our data provider. Once canceled, you won’t be able to log in or chat to Plum anymore.

Does plum affect credit score?

All in all, applying for a Stocks and Shares ISA or General Investment Account with Plum will not affect your credit score and may only appear in the soft searches section of your credit report which is not visible to others than you.

How long does it take to withdraw money from plum?

Plum transfers money from your bank account to your Plum account through Direct Debit. Plum Direct Debits work in a 4-day cycle, meaning from the time Plum submits a transfer to your bank to the time the money reaches us it takes 4 working days.

Where does plum put my money?

Plum Account: Your money is stored as E-Money with Barclays Bank, and you can you can make a claim to get your money back with priority over any potential creditors. Investments: Your money buys a share of a fund, which is safeguarded by a regulated custodian whose job it is to keep your shares safe.

How do I sell my plum investments?

You can instruct us to sell your investments (i.e. Sellout) at any time through the Plum app. If you’d like to withdraw funds from your ISA (Individual Savings Account) or GIA (General Investment Account) you can do so by tapping Investments then scroll down and select a fund and then tap withdraw.

Is Plum a bank account?

Plum Instant Access

You can control the rate of saving money by selecting your ‘mood’ and withdraw your money back into your bank account within 24 hours. The instant access account is provided by Investec Bank where your money is held in a segregated account.

Where do plum withdrawals go?

Once the funds have been deposited back to your Plum Account, you can then withdraw them back to your linked bank account. Withdrawals are processed within 24hrs (typically in around 30 mins), and will appear on your bank statement as YOUR NAME PLUM (e.g. JANET SMITH PLUM). Did this answer your question?

Can you buy Stocks on Plum?

You can buy or sell US stocks with Plum using a General Investment Account (GIA), but we don’t currently offer the ability to trade US stocks using a Stocks & Shares ISA (unlike an ISA, earnings are not tax-free with a GIA).

How do I start investing with plum?

To do this:
  1. Tap ‘Investments’ on your Plum menu (or type ‘Invest’ in Messenger)
  2. Then hit ‘Deposit’
  3. Pick the fund you want to invest in.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to invest (i.e. £5)
  5. Press ‘Done’ and you’re all finished!

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