Is Reston VA a good place to live?

Reston is a town in Virginia with a population of 61,418. Reston is in Fairfax County and is one of the best places to live in Virginia. Living in Reston offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Reston there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

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Is Reston a suburb of Washington DC?

Reston is a community in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area located in western Fairfax County, Virginia. Conceived as an alternative to ailing cities and sprawling suburbs, Reston, along with Columbia, Maryland, was among the first post–World War II “new towns” in the United States.

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What is Reston VA famous for?

Reston Town Center hosts several popular festivals every year including the Northern Virginia Art Festival and a Macy’s style holiday parade. Reston Town Center is also home to the Hyatt Regency Reston, which makes a good base for exploring the town.

What is Reston Virginia known for?

Reston is a vibrant community in the heart of Northern Virginia that was founded in 1964 . A planned community, Reston is known worldwide for its forward-thinking concepts of what it means to be able to work and play where you live, and to be connected to those around you.

Is Reston a city or a town?

Reston is a census-designated place in Fairfax County, Virginia and a principal city of the Washington metropolitan area. As of the 2020 U.S. Census, Reston’s population was 63,226.

Which county is Reston in?

Reston, urban community, in Fairfax county, northeastern Virginia, U.S. It lies adjacent to Herndon, 22 miles (35 km) west-northwest of Washington, D.C. The community was developed after 1962 by Robert E. Simon, whose initials form the first syllable of its name; it opened in 1965.

Is Reston VA a planned community?

Rediscovering Reston– the First Planned Community in the US

Offering up space to work, live and play, there’s plenty to discover in Reston. As the nation’s very first planned community, the vibrant Town of Reston was first founded in the mid 1960s.

Who owns Reston VA?

Boston Properties

How big is Reston VA?

40.66 km²
Reston / Area

How many lakes are in Reston VA?

Reston’s four man-made lakes (Lake Anne, Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon and Lake Newport) cover 125 acres and provide recreation and storm-water management for the community.

Can you swim at lake Fairfax?

The campground, picnic areas , playground, trails and skatepark are open year-round. Virginia State fishing license is required, and sailboats, gasoline and electric-powered boats and swimming are prohibited in the lake.

Where can I walk in Reston?

Best Walking Trails in Reston
  • Lake Fairfax Park Loop. Moderate• 4.1(553)
  • Lake Thoreau Red Loop. Easy• 4.2(458)
  • Red Loop Trail and Cross Country Trail Loop. Moderate• 4.1(279)
  • Fred Crabtree Park.
  • Lake Audubon and Glade Stream Loop.
  • Turquoise Trail Central Loop.
  • Lake Anne Loop.
  • Lake Audubon Loop via Turquoise Trail.

Who developed Reston VA?

Robert E. Simon Jr., a New York real estate developer who founded Reston, Va., in the early 1960s as America’s first planned alternative to the postwar suburban sprawl of commuter towns with cookie-cutter houses on look-alike streets, died on Monday at his home in Reston.

What airport do you fly into for Reston VA?

The nearest airport to Reston is Washington Dulles (IAD) Airport which is 5.9 miles away. Other nearby airports include Reagan Washington (DCA) (18 miles), Baltimore (BWI) (39.1 miles), Harrisburg (MDT) (90.9 miles) and Richmond (RIC) (101.6 miles).

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How big is Lake Anne Reston VA?

How big is Lake Anne? Lake Anne is 119 acres. It is a manmade lake designed to offer outdoor amenities and handle storm runoff.

Who planned Reston?

Robert (Bob) Edward Simon Jr. was born April 10, 1914, to Robert Edward and Elsa Weil Simon. He grew up in an upper-middle-class Manhattan family with three sisters. Simon and his family traveled extensively throughout his youth, which would later influence his design of Reston.

How old is Reston Virginia?

Reston was developed in 1964 as an “open community,” one that welcomed all races and religions into integrated housing communities. In the mid-1960s, Doris Briggs and her four children drove the 700 miles from Chicago to Virginia in her Chevrolet in pursuit of a new life.

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