How much is a Scag 36 walk behind?

Reliable Power, Up To 22 HP
SWZT-36H-14FS36″ Hero Cutter Deck, 14.5 HP Kawasaki® FS481V – recoil-start engine$6,149
SWZT-48H-15FSE48″ Hero Cutter Deck, 15 HP Kawasaki® FS541V – electric-start engine$6,849
SWZT-52H-18FSE52″ Hero Cutter Deck, 18.5 HP Kawasaki® FS600V – electric-start engine$7,199

How much does a Scag 36 weigh?

This is truly the ultimate stand-on mower with excellent handling, stability and quality. No cut corners, no compromise, nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance. Weight 832 lbs.

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How much is a Scag V Ride 36?

Kawasaki 19 hp • $9,850. Featuring a comfortable operator platform with first-class suspension that minimizes fatigue, the V-Ride II™ delivers a natural, intuitive and smooth riding position the entire day.

What Scag mower is best?

The Cheetah II is the fastest mower that Scag offers and can achieve ground speeds of up to 16 mph forward and 8 mph in reverse. The mower comes with either a 31/38 HP Kawasaki FX921V/FX1000 engine or a 37 HP Briggs Vanguard™ BIG BLOCK™ EFI engine.

How much does a Scag Liberty Z cost?

Reliable Power, Up To 24 HP
SZL-52H-24KT52″ Hero Cutter Deck, 24 HP Kohler® 7000 Series PRO – 725 cc displacement$6,316
SZL-52H-24PX52″ Hero Cutter Deck, 24 HP Briggs PXi Series™ – V-twin$6,316
SZL-61H-27SR61″ Hero Cutter Deck, 27 HP Scag SR Series – 803 cc displacement$6,352

Is a Scag Liberty Z commercial grade?

2022 SCAG Power Equipment Liberty Z 52″ Now there is a Scag mower that is perfect for the home owner. The Scag Liberty Z ® is specifically designed for the home owner that wants a high-quality mower but does not need a large, commercial-grade unit.

How much does a Scag Freedom Z cost?

Kohler 26 hp • $6,999.

How much does a Scag Liberty Z 61 cost?

Kawasaki 24 hp • $6,849.

Does Scag give a military discount?

The program offers pricing discounts of 15% off the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) on Scag® lawn mowers and mower accessories, and is available to current and retired fire, police and EMT personnel, as well as active-duty military and military veterans.

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What is the fastest Scag?

The Scag Cheetah is the fastest and most comfortable cat in the Scag family. Clocking in at speeds up to 16 mph and featuring a coil-over shock suspension system, the Cheetah is truly a remarkable zero-turn mower.

Is Scag the best?

Scag is the brand to choose when you are looking to invest in a zero-turn mower for your property or business. Scag mowers are top-of-the-line in durability, comfort, ease of use, and dependability. Even when used commercially, the 2020 line of Scag zero-turn riding mowers is built to work hard and last for years.

What is the toughest zero-turn mower?

The Kubota Z700 Series of commercial zero-turn mowers are built tough for difficult mowing conditions. They come with a 48-, 54-, or 60-inch deck, and are powered by 22.5 to 29.5 Kohler or Kawasaki FX air-cooled gas engines.

What is the number one selling zero-turn mower?

1. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1. A top-of-the-line zero-turn mower for residential markets, Cub Cadet’s Ultima series makes short work of the largest lawns.

What brand of zero-turn is best?

Our overall choice for the best zero-turn mower, the durable Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Gas model is a powerful and sturdy machine with a 50-inch cutting deck and a 23-horsepower Kawasaki engine that won’t have any issues dealing with lawns of up to 4 acres in size.

Who makes the smoothest zero-turn mower?

  • BEST OVERALL: John Deere Z530R 60 in.
  • RUNNER-UP: Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 60 in.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: John Deere Z515E 60 in.
  • QUICKEST CUT: DeWalt Z260 Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower.
  • MOST COMFORTABLE: Toro Titan 60 in.
  • BEST SEMI-PRO: Husqvarna MZ61 Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower.

What size mower do I need for 5 acres?

When it comes to the best lawn mower for 5 acres – and if you want a riding mower, I put the Cub Cadet FAB LT50 at the top of my list. The LT50 rocks a lengthy 50-inch cutting width, which is perfect for a ride around mower if you have more than a few acres to mow.

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