How much does BitLife cost?

The only legitimate way to become a Bitizen is by purchasing it with real-world money. In the United States, it costs $4.99 excluding taxes. Bitizenship is a one-time payment, meaning that once you pay for it once, you will not have to pay any additional monthly fees to keep it.

Is BitLife Bitizenship a subscription?

Bitizenship is a premium membership that costs real money and unlocks special benefits to BitLife. Getting your Bitizenship will make you a bitizen. There is also an upgrade that removes ads, but doesn’t unlock any special features, that costs $2.99. (Real Money!!!)

Is BitLife inappropriate for 12 year olds?

This app is NOT appropriate for ANY kids of ANY age. The app allows kids to virtually engage in activities that are illegal or very inappropriate for the age level. It makes light of mental health issues and encourages students to make illicit choices. It is full of mature ideas and sexual content.

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Why is BitLife 16+?

It’s rated for people 17 and older, but the BitLife app is wildly popular among younger users. The Smart Social team wants parents to be aware that players are exposed to many mature ideas while they play, including sex, drugs, and violence.

What age do you stop having babies BitLife?

After age 55, women will no longer need birth control. Artificial Insemination – (Only available for females and transgender male) you will be artificially inseminated. If successful, the player becomes pregnant.

What age is BitLife appropriate for?

And while the game is listed as 17+ appropriate on both the Apple and Google Play stores, it appeals to a much younger target audience. In its very own app description, BitLife encourages users to “simulate adult life” and “play choices that horrify your parents”.

Why is BitLife 17+?

This app is not safe for kids. First, this app is rated for users 17 years and older, this is because the app features many themes that are too mature for younger users. BitLife features profanity, violence, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and gambling- easily making this game unsuitable for kids.

What is the oldest you can adopt a child in BitLife?

Also, you can now adopt a child up to 17 years old. Previously, the maximum age was 7.

Can you breed your dogs in BitLife?

Once you’ve tapped the New Life button, you’ll see an option further down the list that lets you select your breed. Tap that and you’ll be able to choose which breed of dog or cat – we’ve listed them all below – you want to start as.

Is DogLife Real BitLife?

If you are wondering if DogLife is a troll or some kind of elaborate joke made by the developers of BitLife, the answer is most likely no. Everyone loves a good prank or a joke, but the amount of effort that has been put into announcing DogLife as a new game by Candywriter points towards the game real.

How do I get past age 100 on BitLife?

Nearly, as well as not taking drugs you should also go to the gym and meditate. Going to the gym can help your health and improve your looks, and more often than not it is a cheap way to do so. Along with going to the library to keep up your brain health. Plus, you can visit the gym as many times as you want each year.

What is a 500 year generation in BitLife?

List of Achievements
AchievementDescriptionHow to Achieve
Strong GenesAchieve a 500-year generationHave Generations that add up to 500+ years
Long LineageAchieve a 1000-year generationHave Generations that add up to 1000+ years
Living LegacyAchieve a 5000-year generationHave Generations that add up to 5000+ years

How do I live forever in BitLife?

The bare basics of extending your character’s life boil down to making sure they visit the gym, meditate, go on walks, or participate in a Martial Arts class at least once before you age up. These are good ways to keep your character’s physical body stats in check and keep their emotions intact.

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How do you get exiled on BitLife?

If you are trying to get exiled in Bitlife as royalty, you will need to commit public disservices and execute people repeatedly until you get exiled. You can find both activities under the royal tab in Bitlife, but you must first be a royal before you can find or use either of them.

How do I marry another royalty in BitLife?

Here’s what you need to do for your character to marry into Royalty in Bitlife.
  1. Keep your Health and Looks stats up.
  2. Become famous and rich.
  3. Maintain your fame (or increase it)
  4. Wait until you are contacted by a Royal.
  5. Date them and eventually marry them to enter the Royal family.

How do you do triplets on BitLife?

To have triplets in BitLife, you will want to be after the age of 40 and go to the Fertility option under Activities. Once there you will select the IVF option and hopefully get pregnant. You will then age up and see if you were lucky enough to have triplets.

How do you become king in BitLife?

There are three main ways you can become royalty in BitLife: Use God Mode to choose your royal status when creating a new character. Randomly create characters until you are born as a prince or princess. Be married into the royal family.

What is the best country to be born in BitLife?

With that said, it becomes a lot easier to increase your chances of being born into BitLife royalty by choosing the right countries for birth. These include Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, and the UK.

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