How do you use banana rum?

  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Pour the banana rum over the ice followed by the pineapple juice.
  3. Stir the cocktail.
  4. Add a splash of the soda. Stir and serve.
  5. Garnish with a pineapple slice, lemon slice, or cherry.

Can you drink blue chair rum by itself?

The Key Lime Rum Cream is smooth and very drinkable. Actually, all of the rums, no matter the flavors are drinkable on their own.

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What rum does Kenny Chesney own?

Blue Chair Bay® Rum was born on the beach with every drop made in the Caribbean. Made with sugarcane molasses and natural ingredients, Blue Chair Bay® Rum is an award-winning premium brand infused with Kenny Chesney’s heart and soul, from beach to bottle.

Does banana rum taste like banana?

Cruzan® Banana Rum. A sweet, authentic banana flavor that comes through in every cocktail you create.

Does Blue Chair Bay have coconut in it?

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Blue Chair Bay® Coconut Spiced Rum Cream is authentic beach-made coconut rum, blended with real cream, and island and holiday spices so you make it smooth sailing this season.

What rum has coconut in it?

BACARDÍ Coconut Rum | Coconut Flavoured Rum | Caribbean Rum | BACARDÍ US.

Does banana Malibu have coconut?

This delicious cocktail is a divine blend of Malibu, coconut cream and pineapple juice. Just add a dash of sunshine and you’re in taste heaven.

What does bay rum contain?

Ingredients. Bay Oil, Ethanol 99.9%, Caramel Colour E 150d NM, Purified Water.

What does rum do to your hair?

What does alcohol do to your hair? Alcohol and hair do not get along. Over time, alcohol use can cause dry, brittle, breaking hair, and cause excessive hair loss. The combination of dehydration and malnutrition makes it hard for your body to rebuild your hair and function at its best.

What do jamaicans use bay rum for?

Bay rum is a type of cologne and aftershave lotion. Other uses include as under-arm deodorant and as a fragrance for shaving soap, as well as a general astringent.

What rum do they drink in pirates of the Caribbean?

Pirate’s Grog is the award winning golden rum that was originally discovered on Roatán, a small Caribbean island situated 60km off the coast of Honduras. The name ‘Pirate’s Grog’ is derived from days of old when pirates and buccaneers used the island as a resting point between voyages.

Why did sailors put rum in water?

Of course, sailors and pirates didn’t just drink rum straight. To make it more palatable, they would mix it with a bit of water to make grog; or water, sugar, and nutmeg (to make bumbo). Today, consumers tend to prefer mojitos and Mai Tais.

Why did sailors mix rum with water?

With water added, rum would spoil more quickly so sailors were less likely to hoard their daily ration and then drink several days’ worth of rum in one go. This innovation also meant that ships didn’t have to carry dozens of barrels of wine and beer to disguise the water’s taste.

Is it true that pirates drank rum?

Yes. They did. Pirates often started out as military sailors, who developed a taste for rum when it was distributed in the Navy. The Caribbean was a hotbed of piracy and instead of having to wait for their daily tot of rum from their superiors, pirates could drink it whenever they pleased.

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Do sailors still get rum rations?

The rum ration (also called the tot) was a daily amount of rum given to sailors on Royal Navy ships. It was abolished in 1970 after concerns that the intake of strong alcohol would lead to unsteady hands when working machinery.

Why did pirates drink so much rum?

Rum was safer to drink than water

Freshwater was an extremely difficult resource to obtain during the Golden Age of Piracy, on land, and certainly at sea. Water had to be stored in barrels and became stagnant during their voyages.

What did sailors call rum diluted with water?

Grog is a term used for a variety of alcoholic beverages. The word originally referred to rum diluted with water (and later on long sea voyages, also added the juice of limes or lemons), which British Vice-Admiral Edward Vernon introduced into the naval squadron he commanded in the West Indies on 21 August 1740.

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