How do you keep a French bulldog from getting an ear infection?

Excess moisture is a common cause of ear infections, so be sure to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears after swimming and bathing. If your dog is prone to chronic or recurrent ear infections, identifying and managing any underlying causes such as allergies can help prevent new infections from occurring.

What dog breed gets the most ear infections?

Basset Hounds, Chinese Shar Peis and Labradoodles top the list when it comes to the dog breeds most prone to ear infections.

What does a Frenchie ear infection look like?

If your dog has an ear infection, their ears will likely be itchy to some degree. Dogs will also have other signs you can look out for, including: Shaking their head frequently throughout the day. Scratching at their head, neck, and ears with their back feet.

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How do you keep a French bulldog from getting an ear infection? – Related Questions

What foods cause dog ear infections?

Sugar feeds the yeast that is naturally present in the dog’s body, so when a dog consumes too much sugar, yeast overgrowth occurs in the body and around the ear folds or in the canal, causing infection.

How can I treat my dog’s ear infection without going to the vet?

Apple cider vinegar can help reduce the itch and discomfort of an ear infection. Mix 1 part vinegar and 1 part filtered or spring water. Clean the visible parts of the ear with a cotton ball soaked in the mixture. Make sure you get the liquid into the ear canal by holding your dog’s ear still.

What does dog ear infection look like?

The ears often become red and inflamed and develop an offensive odor. A black or yellowish discharge commonly occurs. In chronic cases the ears may appear crusty or thickened and the ear canals often become narrowed (stenotic) due to the chronic inflammation.

How do I know if my Frenchie has ear mites?

Signs of ear mites in dogs include scratching around the ears, head and neck, skin irritation, head shaking, the presence of an ear discharge that is dark and waxy (resembling coffee grounds) and an unpleasant odour from the ears.

How does a dog act with ear infection?

Just like humans, dogs rely on their ears to help them keep their balance. As an ear infection worsens, it may affect your dog’s balance and may cause them to become lopsided in their gait when they walk. They may stumble often and may have difficulty going up and down stairs for the same reason.

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What causes an ear infection in French Bulldogs?

Ear infection in bulldogs and French Bulldogs is a common disease in the breed due to their flat compressed head which directly will impact the ear canal. The bulldog stenotic narrowed ear canal provides for a wet, warm, moist, environment ideal for bacteria and yeast to flourish and grow.

How do I clean my Frenchies ears?

What’s good for French Bulldogs ears?

There is much talk about the French bulldog ears. Since they are wide opened, Frenchie’s ears are prone to collect a lot of debris and dirt.

How to clean French bulldog ears?

  • cotton balls.
  • baby wet wipes (not regular ones)
  • wet cloth.
  • Ear Cleaning solution.
  • Snacks to occupy your Frenchie’s attention.

What do you use for French Bulldogs ears?

1- Gently open your dog’s ear canal and use a cotton ball (or a gauze) soaked in a sodium chloride 0.9% solution. As another replacement, you can use a wet baby wipe and wipe out the dog’s outer ear.

How often should French Bulldogs be bathed?

A general rule of thumb. Frenchies should be bathed once every 1 to 2 months. Although many French Bulldog owners say they wash them about 5 or 6 times a year, or as needed, most owners find the as needed comes more often than 5 or 6 times a year.

Does taping French bulldog ears work?

In most cases, this 5-day period of taping French bulldog ears should be enough if they are ready to stand up erect by themselves. If you don’t get the results you expect, go through the process for another 5 days. If after that, you don’t get erect ears, leave them.

Why do French Bulldogs ears curl back?

First things first; French Bulldogs have very static ears. Just like their faces, you don’t get a lot of expression out of their ears either. But they will go back when they are scared, nervous, or being submissive of their master (which is not the same as being scared).

When should you tape French Bulldog ears?

If your French Bulldog’s ears are not up by 4 months of age, then you should tape them to strengthen the ear. By doing so, they will stand up on their own eventually. If you start early, it may only take 3-4 weeks for the ears to stand on their own.

Why do French Bulldogs have bat ears?


American breeders decided early on that bat ears should be considered the standard, because they are more distinctive. Since then, rose ears on a French bulldog have been a disqualifying characteristic according to the American Kennel Club’s breed standard.

How do you know if a French Bulldog is happy?

How do I know if my French Bulldog is happy? Whilst Frenchies can look very glum, you will know they are happy if they wiggle their bottom, gives you puppy dog eyes, have relaxed ears and mouth and is playful. French Bulldogs will also smile where their lips curl up.

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