How do you drink sotol?

How do you drink it? In Mexico, the traditional way to enjoy sotol is neat, from a small glass, sometimes with a beer on the side “to refresh,” says Pico. Infusions called curados also are common, flavored with locally grown ingredients.

What is the difference between mezcal and sotol?

But there’s an important difference. While Mezcal is made from agave, sotol is made from a related group of plants in the dasylirion genus, referred to as sotol in Spanish and desert spoon in English. Like agave, dasylirion are round, spiky, and boast a dense inner core that can be roasted, fermented, and distilled.

How to make sotol?

To make sotol, the hearts of the desert spoon are separated from the rest of the plant and roasted in an underground wood-fired pit for up to three days before being milled by hand and left to ferment in open-air vats. Following fermentation, the liquid is transferred to stills for distillation.

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Is sotol a Mexican spirit?

Sotol is a distilled spirit from the Chihuahuan desert northern Mexico, western Texas sourced from the family of Asparagaceae; the genus Dasylirion and several species, most commonly: Dasylirion wheeleri, Dasylirion durangense, Dasylirion cedrosanum, and Dasylirion leiophyllum, less commonly with Dasylirion texanum and

What is the alcohol content of sotol?

How much alcohol is in sotol? Sotol ranges from 35 to 45 percent ABV.

How long does it take to make sotol?

Wild sotol pina matures for around 8-15 years, depending on the environment. Making a bottle of sotol requires only one pina because of the plant’s low sugar content and dryness. The harvesters try to uproot the plants carefully without killing them. This is to ensure multiple harvests from a single.

What plant makes sotol?

Dasylirion texanum. Agavaceae Family

This carbohydrate food source was probably a mainstay in areas where sotol grew in abundance. Sotol is a evergreen rosette plant, with long spine-clad leaves that attach in a series of circular tiers around a shortened, central stem.

Can sotol be made in the US?

The DO from Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial mandates that sotol only be produced in the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Durango. Similar measures dictate Scotch whiskey must be made in Scotland and Champagne must be produced in Champagne, France.

Is sotol poisonous?

Sotol is a non-toxic plant. In fact, Native Americans and Mexicans have included sotol in making food and drinks. The crown of the plant, when dried, can be pulverized into a powder that can be used for cakes and alcoholic beverages.

Is sotol related to asparagus?

Sotols (Dasylirion species) are in the Asparagaceae family that includes yuccas, agaves and asparagus (among others).

Is sotol a yucca?

Although the spiny plant is sometimes called “sotol yucca,” “sotol agave” or “sotol cactus,” it is not a yucca, agave or cactus. The flowering, grass-like plant is part of the dasylirion family.

What is the difference between sotol and yucca?

Sotol is an agave. They look like a yucca. The sotol has sawtoothed leaves, while the yucca’s are smooth. The sotol has tiny flowers on its tall spike stalks, while the yucca has bell-like blossoms.

Does sotol have sugar?

Some Sotols are incredibly rich in sugars, some very mineral driven, and some are the most herbal drinks you’ve ever tasted.

What does desert door sotol taste like?

While it’s not an agave spirit, our Desert Door Original is a lot like a premium tequila on the nose, with bright notes of vanilla and green grass. But here the similarities end. Tasting reveals flavors like toffee, mint, and orange zest. The finish is custard-smooth – smoother than tequila – with subtle hints of sage.

Is sotol a whiskey?

Review: Desert Door Texas Sotol – Thirty-One Whiskey.

What kind of alcohol is desert door Texas Sotol?

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