How do you change the line on a Stihl weed wacker?

How do you reload the trimmer spool?

How do you put new line on a spool trimmer?

How do you change the line on a Stihl weed wacker? – Related Questions

How do you spool a line by yourself?

How do you replace a trimming line?

What size string does a Stihl FS38 take?

Always use the correct diameter of nylon line for your Line Trimmer (2 mm for this model). Be careful not to use excess nylon as the added length will reduce rotation speed and power.

How much line do I put on my Stihl trimmer?

Take two lines, each with a maximum length of 7 m or 10 m depending on the line (see the enclosed information sheet for the maximum line length). Insert the end of one line in one of the eyes of the spool and wind on the line according to the indicated direction of winding.

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Is FS38 easy start?

Fortunately, the Stihl FS38 strimmer is much easier to start than other petrol models. Simplistic to start, press the button once to prime the fuel pump and then pull on the starter cord.

Why is my STIHL weedeater so hard to start?

If you’ve used the correct procedure to start your Stihl trimmer and it does not start, the problem is likely related to either the spark, the fuel or the air circulation in the combustion chamber. More often than not, it’s an easy fix, possibly involving replacement of a spark plug or air filter.

Is Stihl FS38 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

The STIHL FS38 comes with a single cylinder two-stroke engine, weighs a light 4.1kg without fuel, and puts out 0.65 kW or 0.9 HP at 7,000 rpm.

What fuel does a Stihl FS 38 use?

Specification for STIHL FS 38 27.2cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Loop Handle
Trimmer Line Size2.0mm
FUEL TYPEUnleaded Petrol Oil Mix 50:1
HANDLE TYPEMulti Function Loop Handle

Is the STIHL FS 38 4 stroke?

A: The FS38 has a 2 stroke motor, meaning you need to mix 2 stroke oil with the fuel.

How do you start a flooded STIHL FS 38?

Why does my STIHL trimmer keep cutting out?

The trimmer can sputter and stall if it isn’t getting enough fuel, and that can happen simply because the fuel filter is dirty. Fuel filters are inexpensive, and it’s more practical to replace a dirty one than it is to try to clean it. On most models, it’s in the gas tank or on the cap.

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Where is the choke on a STIHL weedeater?

What is the fuel mix for a STIHL weedeater?

The ratio you need to remember when making up fuel mixture for your STIHL petrol tool is: 1:50 = 1 part oil + 50 parts petrol, or 20 ml oil per litre of petrol when using STIHL 2-Stroke Engine Oil.

How many cc is a STIHL fs38?

27.2 cc

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