How do I volunteer for the 2022 World Cup?

People interested in volunteering should follow the below steps: Register at and fill in the application form. Play “Take on the Trials” (an online gamified assessment) Book your interview.

How many volunteers are there in the 2022 World Cup?

But this World Cup is about more than just the players. Thousands of people have been working hard behind the scenes to pull this tournament together, including over 20,000 volunteers from over 160 countries ready to play their part in the biggest sporting event on earth.

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How can I apply for Qatar 2022?

HOW do I apply?
  1. Complete the personal data form.
  2. Upload your CV in English.
  3. Tell us about you in a brief video. – Maximum 2 minutes. – MUST be in English. – Don’t forget to tell us something interesting about you and the reason you want to work in Qatar.
  4. Get your passport ready and pack your suitcase!

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Do FIFA volunteers get paid?

Will I be paid? You won’t receive any money for volunteering, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the largest sporting event in the world.

What qualifications do I need to work in Qatar?

Requirements to Obtain Qatar Work Visas
  • The employment contract.
  • A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour.
  • A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health.
  • A copy of the employee’s passport.
  • Two passport photographs.
  • Any relevant educational certificates.

Is Qatar visa available now 2022?

Updated October 2022

Passengers from eligible countries can now apply for a Qatar visa on arrival visa hassle-free by simply going through some procedures and requirements.

How much does it cost to go to Qatar 2022?

2022 World Cup Package Pricing
Available PackagesPrices From
Group Stage$10,775
Round of 16 & Quarter-Final$9,275
Follow Your Team$18,145
Championship Finals Week$16,850

1 more row

How much does it cost to go to Qatar World Cup 2022?

While tickets are discounted for locals, for traveling supporters, group stage tickets cost between $70 and $220, and knockout matches between $600 and $1,600.

Will alcohol be available at 2022 World Cup?

Fans at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be able to drink alcohol for up to 19 hours a day at the tournament — but only by a gigantic stage in the shape of a spider most commonly seen at the Glastonbury festival in England.

What is the price of World Cup ticket?

The most expensive ticket is for Category 1 seating at the final, which is 5,850 Qatari rials (approximately $1,600). The most expensive ticket at the previous World Cup in Russia was $1,100 for the final. Tickets were made available online at

How much is Qatar World Cup worth?

The team that manages to reach the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and win it will pocket a sum of 38 million euros. On the other hand, the runner-up will earn 27.27 million euros. The third-placed team will be an amount of 24.45 million euros and the fourth will earn 22.64 million euros.

Which is the richest cup in football?

The FIFA World Cup trophy is the most expensive trophy in sports. How much does the World Cup trophy cost? Currently, the gold and malachite cup is valued at $20 million.

How much is the world Cup gold worth?

Use of Gold in Fifa World Cup Trophy:

The trophy which is worth more than $20 million, use 18k gold which cost $250,000, the 75% of trophy covered with gold, with the base of 13 centimeters in diameters containing two layers of malachite.

Is the world Cup 100% gold?

The trophy stands 36.5 centimetres (14.4 in) tall and is made of 6.175 kilograms (13.61 lb) or 30,875 Carats of 18 karat (75%) gold, worth approximately US$161,000 in 2018, with a base 13 centimetres (5.1 in) in diameter containing two layers of malachite.

Is the world Cup trophy 100% gold?

The current World Cup trophy weighs 6.175kg and measures 36.8cm high by 12.5cm wide. It is hollow and made from 18 carat gold (750 fineness). This means it contains 4,927 grams of pure gold. The base is decorated with green malachite, a particularly beautiful gem.

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