How do I take classes at SMC?

Registration and Enrollment
  1. Book a Phone or Zoom Appointment.
  2. Book an in-person Appointment.
  3. Select the time and day you would like to make an appointment.
  4. Fill out your contact information and click “confirm booking”

Is SMC a real college?

Study in California

International Students recognize SMC as one of the best community colleges in California and the nation. Classes are on-campus & online. Check out fully online degree options.

What is a hybrid class SMC?

Hybrid classes are a combination of online-delivered coursework and mandatory meetings on the SMC campus. Please see the Schedule of Classes for details about specific on- campus meeting dates, times, and locations for hybrid classes.

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How do I take classes at SMC? – Related Questions

Are SMC classes online?

Online Classes

SMC offers a vast number of online courses in a host of disciplines. Online student support services parallel those provided on campus, as well as 24/7 technical support. Learn more about the exciting programs and rich resources available online at SMC!

How much is tuition at SMC?

In-state tuition 1,146 USD, Out-of-state tuition 9,090 USD (2020 – 21)
Santa Monica College / Undergraduate tuition and fees

What does a hybrid class mean?

Hybrid courses (also known as blended courses) replace a portion of traditional face-to-face instruction with web-based online learning (e.g., video lectures, online discussions, or activities).

What Is Hybrid mode of class?

Hybrid mode of education emerged after the pandemic took a backseat and things were returning to their usual tracks. Universities started to offer students options of continuing with online classes and offline classes as well.

What Is hybrid classes in school?

Hybrid learning combines face to face classes and online teaching into one. In this half of the class can take classes on-campus and half of them online. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student. A lot of planning is important to make hybrid learning work.

Do you have to show up for a hybrid class?

Hybrid classes may be more work

It merely replaces the class period that you don’t have to physically attend. You will still be expected to complete the same amount of work that you would if you were in a traditional class.

What Is the difference between online and hybrid courses?

Simply put, an online class is taught entirely online. You are not required to attend in-person learning or labs at any point during the course. A hybrid class incorporates elements of both online and in-person learning. This method is a necessity in some courses like those with a lab component.

What are the disadvantages of hybrid learning?

The Disadvantages of Blended Learning
  • The technology challenge. Infrastructure.
  • The technology challenge. Mentality.
  • Pace of advancement.
  • Negative impact on teachers.
  • Negative impact on students.
  • The plagiarism and credibility problem.

What are the 3 types of blended learning?

5 Types of Blended Learning Models
  • Flipped Model. In a flipped classroom blended learning model, the original learning framework gets inverted.
  • Face-to-Face Driver Model.
  • Rotational Model.
  • Flex Model.
  • Enriched Virtual Model.

Why are hybrid classes better?

Hybrid classes appeal to students with busy schedules who want the flexibility of completing coursework online while still having the accountability of meeting in person. They also help learners develop skills they can use when taking fully online classes later.

Are hybrid classes good?

Flexibility – the flexibility hybrid learning offers an excellent advantage for those who need free and have a busy social schedule. It provides them with the option to study and arrange their courses around their program and when they are at their best-assimilating information.

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What Is Hybrid mode exam?

Examinations in hybrid mode offer all students a fair chance to be evaluated. There are several creative ways to assess what the students have learned over the semester. To conduct the exam, they opt for take-home exams, project work, and self-paced assignments besides quizzes, etc.

What does TBA mean in college?

Although the majority of classes are scheduled with specified days and meeting times, it is sometimes more appropriate to schedule a TBA (To Be Announced) meeting pattern.

Is hybrid teaching the future?

Hybrid Classrooms Are The Future of Learning

By providing a flexible system that allows in-person and remote learning to coexist, the hybrid system can continue to work even after world leaders declare an end to the pandemic. In fact, this system can address some of the previous shortcomings of education.

Is hybrid learning here to stay?

Hybrid classrooms are here to stay. They offer students the flexibility to attend school from anywhere and provide an equitable learning environment for all students.

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