How do I know which Hunter nozzle to use?

What is the difference between Hunter PGP red and blue nozzles?

Dave Baker ‏Hunter Industries

The red nozzles have both higher and lower flow rates than what’s offered in the blue nozzles, but they deliver water very efficiently. The blue nozzles were developed as a result of our customers telling us that they didn’t like the “look” of the spray pattern on the red nozzles.

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Are Hunter sprinkler heads interchangeable?

Yes, if you know the model of the existing manufacturer’s sprinkler, you can use our Replacement Charts to find the appropriate Hunter pop-up or rotor that will have a similar flow and distance range. Hunter has rotors and sprinklers to fit all applications.

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What sprinkler heads are compatible with Hunter?

Hunter sprinkler heads and spray nozzles can be used with any manufacturer’s spray head with male threaded risers – Hunter spray nozzles ARE NOT compatible with Toro sprays.

Can you use Rain Bird nozzles on Hunter?

Can I mix and match sprinkler heads?

While you can mix different brands in the same zone, don’t mix the type of head because they have different flow rates. Rotor heads, spray heads, matched precipitation etc all throw water at a different rate.

Are Rain Bird and Hunter the same?

So what’s the difference between Hunter and Rainbird? The answer lies in durability. In general, Hunter components — the tubes and pipes, heads and rotors and the sensors — are just a little bit more durable. That’s not to say that Rainbird sprinkler systems won’t last a long time.

Can you switch sprinkler heads?

After finding the right replacement, it’s time to start the sprinkler head repair. Sprinkler heads sit just below or flush with the ground, so a sturdy trowel is typically suitable for digging up the head. Remove the sod or patch of grass around the head carefully so that it can be replaced later.

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How do you replace Hunter sprinkler heads?

How long do Hunter sprinkler heads last?

While different parts of your system may need replacing throughout its life, you can expect the average sprinkler system to last for upwards of 20 years. During that time, you’ll likely need to replace your sprinkler heads around the 10-year mark if using high-quality heads.

Can you replace sprinkler head without digging?

Do I need to turn off water to replace sprinkler head?

Turn Off Water System – Before beginning your installation it is so important to make sure that your water system is shut off properly. If you don’t get your water shut off before the installation process you will have water spraying everywhere.

How often should a sprinkler head be replaced?

Even with regular maintenance, sprinkler heads do not last forever. Fire safety protocol recommends you get sprinkler heads replaced once every five years to prevent fire sprinkler leaks.

Can I move my ball if a sprinkler head is in my line?

A sprinkler head is an immovable obstruction and is covered by Rule 24-2. That Rule states that you are entitled to relief for a ball that lies in or on the obstruction or when the obstruction interferes with your area of intended stance or swing.

Does a broken sprinkler head use more water?

A functioning sprinkler head will control the water flow, where a broken head is going to distribute more water than it should. With all the unnecessary water settling in the lawn, it’s going to lead to higher water bills – guaranteed.

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How long should I let my sprinkler run in one spot?

How Long Should I Water at a Time? A watering session should be long enough to soak the area sufficiently so all the roots receive a beneficial drink. Sprinklers should be set to run for about 30 to 35 minutes at a time twice a week. Your goal is at least 1″ of water a week for your lawn.

What is the leading cause of sprinkler failure?

By far the top reason is because of corrosion. Corrosion, both external and internal, can fuse a water seal to the frame. This is why NFPA 25 also states that during your floor level inspection, you are to replace any sprinkler that shows signs of corrosion that is detrimental to performance.

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