How do I know what size trimmer line I need?

Light: 0.065- to 0.080-inch line is best for trimming grass around the house and whacking down common lawn weeds from around driveways, walkways and fences. Medium: 0.080 to 0.110-inch line is best for homes with larger lawns, or gardens overgrown with weeds that have tough, heavy stems. Heavy: 0.110-inch and above.

What size line do Stihl trimmers use?

095″ / 2.4mm.

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Is thinner or thicker trimmer line better?

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the general rule with string trimmer line size is that the tougher the application, the thicker the line needs to be. A larger diameter line increases the power and durability of the line, which leads to less breakage and wear-out.

How do I choose a strimmer line?

You need to buy a strimmer line based on the amount of cutting required. Using a thin cord for heavy-duty work can hamper your productivity because the line will keep breaking. Many people don’t recognise the difference between light, medium, and heavy growth so there is some trial and error involved.

What thickness is Flymo strimmer line?

The quick and easy way to trim and edge the contours of your lawn 500 watts Cutting Diameter: 25cm Line Diameter: 1.5mm silent Line Feed: Dual Auto

What strimmer wire do I need for petrol strimmer?

2.4mm x 15m Strimmer / Trimmer Line for 52cc Strimmer. Replacement grass strimmer / trimming line for an SGS 52cc petrol strimmer and 5in1 cutting multi-tool products. This line comes in a 15 metre roll and can be used in the original strimmer bump spool.

Can I use .080 trimmer line?

The . 080 trimmer line is an ideal size because it offers you a perfect balance of thinness and thickness with the high performance you are searching for. As much as 080 trimmer lines may be thought to be for light use, they can also be used for commercial yarding and large residential trimming sessions.

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What size is green trimmer line?

080-inch diameter line, this green trimmer line comes in a 200-foot package.

What size is yellow trimmer line?

Our professional grass trimmer line must meet you needs. It is one of the best choices for you. – Color: Yellow. – Size: 5 x 5 x 3 cm/2 x 2 x 1.2 inch.

Is strimmer line Colour coded?

The lines are colour coded to make it easy to find the right dimension.

What size is blue trimmer line?

The blue trimmer line is 0.065 inch in diameter and 3000 feet long and 5 lb. spool,made of high-quality nylon,sturdy and durable to use and not easy to break.

What shape trimmer line cuts the best?

It’s simple, round string typically offers the best longevity of any shape. Think about it, . 095 is a measure of the thickest part of a trimmer line.

What size is orange trimmer line?

Product detailsProduct details. Orange Trimmer Line: The CGT’s weed wacker string diameter is thicker at 0.105 in and 328 ft in length, and the bright orange color makes it easier to see it in the lawn to secure its place.

What is the strongest trimmer line?

For the greatest durability, round string is the standard. Combining more material with less surface area, it has a longer wear time. Round string made of reinforced nylon or non-nylon polymer, or string with a hardened core material, will provide greater durability than basic nylon.

Why does my line keep breaking on my trimmer?

The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc.

How many pounds can a trimmer trim in a day?

A good hand-trimmer can trim 2.5 lbs per day. Hand-trimmers will be paid $20 per hour. There are 250 workdays in a year.

Does trimming increase yield?

Pruning increases your crop yield in multiple ways. It eliminates the buds that aren’t going to thrive and allows the plant to focus the energy that it would have spent growing them elsewhere. It also gives your plant more space to let natural light in and reach the good leaves.

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