How do I eat healthy on Blackstone?

Use healthy oils such as olive oil instead of bacon grease or butter. Vegetables sauté very quickly on a Blackstone Griddle and are so healthy for you! So, make a lot of them!! Cook your proteins with a blend of your favorite seasonings and a small amount of olive, canola, flaxseed, or sesame oil.

What is the best thing to cook on a Blackstone griddle?

Blackstone Grill Recipes

GRILL STEAK – This is delicious any day of the week and pairs great with air fried baked potatoes. SHRIMP FAJITAS – Shrimp fajitas are delicious and simple to make! LEMON GARLIC LOBSTER TAILS – Delicious and decadent lobster tails are perfect for dinner! Make this asparagus recipe with them.

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What is good to make on a Blackstone?

What is the best thing to cook on the Blackstone Griddle? Breakfast such as bacon, eggs, pancakes, french toast, and hash browns are usually the first thing that many griddlers cook on their Blackstone Griddle. Plain bacon helps to season the flat top griddle and is super easy to make.

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Do you oil Blackstone after every use?

How often should you condition your Blackstone griddle? You should season your flat-top grill with a light coat of oil after every cook. Doing so helps to maintain a non-stick cooking surface.

Should I oil my Blackstone before every use?

How often do I need to season my Blackstone griddle? After every use, clean the griddle and coat it with cooking oil. This’ll help protect it from rust and keep the non-stick surface intact.

What should I cook on my Blackstone today?

The Best Blackstone Griddle Recipes:
  • Blackstone Philly Cheesesteak.
  • Birria Tacos.
  • Classic Reuben Sandwich.
  • Blackstone Chicken Teriyaki.
  • Blackstone Griddle French Toast with Texas Toast.
  • Smash Burgers On The Blackstone Griddle.
  • Blackstone Garlic Butter Corn.
  • Blackstone Nachos Supreme.

What should you cook first on a Blackstone griddle?

Can you make anything on a Blackstone?

Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle is so easy! You can make almost anything on the griddle that you can make on the stovetop, and much of the time it is even BETTER on the griddle. Plus, you can beat how easy the clean-up is!

What Cannot be cooked on griddle?

Doesn’t Work: Steak

You won’t want to cook steaks on a griddle. Unless you’re cooking up small pieces of meat where you can easily keep watch the internal temperature, stick to other cooking methods. We’re partial to cooking steak in a cast-iron skillet.

What do you spray on griddle while cooking?

You can always use liquid cooking oils on your griddle top. However, if you prefer the convenience of cooking sprays, we do offer a Blackstone Griddle Spray (available in stores at Walmart and Lowe’s). Our spray was formulated without the additives that harm the griddle top.

Should you put butter on a griddle?

Butter is excellent for cooking on a flat top grill as it adds flavor and color to food. However, butter is not the best choice to season your Griddle if you want a long-lasting non-stick surface. It has a low smoking point and will not create a durable and thick seasoning layer.

Can you use Pam spray on griddle?

It may sound harmless—even counterintuitive—but using a nonstick cooking spray, such as Pam or Smart Balance, can damage your pan’s nonstick finish. Cooking sprays leave a film that adheres to the nonstick surface and is tough to remove with just soap and water.

Why do you squirt water on a griddle?

The water helps cool down a hot grill, loosening stuck food and cleaning off the griddle. A splash of water also comes in handy when steaming veggies.

What is the healthiest oil to use on a griddle?

Canola Oil; one of the best oils for griddle cooking is canola oil. It has a high smoke point but doesn’t leave much of a mark on the taste of the food either. Smoke Point 400°F. Sunflower Seed Oil; a great choice for high-temperature cooking on a cast iron griddle pan, and widely available in shops and supermarkets.

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What oil do you use on Blackstone after cooking?

Blackstone has its own seasoning and cast-iron conditioner, but you can also use vegetable oil, olive oil, shortening, flax oil, or canola oil for this task.

How often do you season a Blackstone griddle?

How often does a Blackstone Griddle need to be seasoned? A Blackstone Griddle needs to be seasoned well, with several coats, before the first use. Then, after every cook, you should do a light seasoning of one coat to help maintain the non-stick surface.

What oil should I season my Blackstone griddle with?

Grapeseed Oil – This is the oil we prefer to use for seasoning cast iron and griddles. It creates a durable finish that resists chipping and flaking. A high smoke point makes it ideal for curing metal. Grapeseed oil seasoning requires upkeep in the form of regular wipe downs before and after cooking.

Should you season your Blackstone before every use?

A new Blackstone Griddle needs thorough cleaning and seasoning before the first use. Seasoning ensures your Blackstone griddle has a durable non-stick finish. After every use, you also need to apply a light layer of oil to help maintain the seasoning and protect the surface from rust.

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