Does Cub Cadet make Weedeaters?

Mostly known for its small tractors and zero turn mowers, Cub Cadet also manufactures a series of weed eaters, including handheld weed whackers and a walk behind wheeled string trimmer, that are powerful enough to trim all the types of grass and weeds.

What is the best weed trimmer available?

  • Purchase Husqvarna Detachable Gas String Trimmer. Best Heavy-Duty Weed Eater.
  • Purchase BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper & Trimmer Combo Kit.
  • Purchase Greenworks Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable)
  • Purchase WORX PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger.
  • Purchase CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer / Edger.

What size string does a Cub Cadet weed eater take?

It uses dual 0.105-inch cutting lines on a 17-inch diameter head and comes with an extra cutting head.

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What is the difference between a weed whacker and a trimmer?

There is usually no difference at all between what a person means when they say “weed eater”, “weed whacker” or “weed wacker”. Each of these terms refers to the same piece of equipment. What is this? It’s a string trimmer, plain and simple.

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Is it better to pull weeds or use a weed wacker?

Pulling weeds is far more effective than cutting them with a string trimmer, hoe, or lawn mower. If you pull a weed out entirely, including the roots, then the weed will be killed and will not grow back. If you cut a weed instead of pulling it, the roots of the weed will try to send up new shoots over and over.

What is the easiest weed whacker to use?

Best Lightweight Weed Eater Reviews
  1. Worx GT 3.0 PowerShare 20V String Trimmer & Edger. Best Lightweight Weed Eater.
  2. Greenworks 24V 12-Inch String Trimmer Edger. Power: 24V Battery.
  3. Black+Decker 20V MAX String Trimmer Edger Kit.
  4. Craftsman 20V Cordless String Trimmer & Edger.
  5. Black+Decker Besta510 String Trimmer.

What is the most reliable string trimmer?

10 Best String Trimmers of 2022 [Reviews]
  • Top Gas String Trimmer. Ryobi RY253SS 25 cc 2-cycle string trimmer. 4.3.
  • Runner-Up. Husqvarna 128LD 28 cc 2-cycle string trimmer. 4.5.
  • Top Corded Electric. BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5-amp string trimmer/edger. 4.5.
  • Top Cordless Electric. Earthwise LST02010 20V string trimmer. 4.2.

What is the best and lightest weed wacker?

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker – Best Overall

The BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker is the best lightweight weed eater we found on the market. It isn’t too expensive and comes with all the features you need to remove the weeds from your yard quickly and effectively.

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Is gas or battery weed eater better?

Smaller residential properties are ideal for battery-powered weed eaters. Larger properties not only have more space but are likely to have taller grass and brush, so gas-powered trimmers may be a better fit.

Can I use a weed wacker for trimming?

Trimming–If you have areas of lawn that your mower can’t quite reach , you can use your weed whacker to trim the grass.

Where do they call it a weed wacker?

The preference remains consistent for states to the south and west, such as Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina, where “weed eater” is used for about 80 percent of searches related to the tool.

Can you use a weed wacker to edge?

In addition to cutting tall grass in hard-to-reach spots, your string trimmer can also function as an edger to give your yard a professionally landscaped look. Edging creates a crisp line, free from grass and weeds, along the edge of a patio or walkway.

Is a weed whacker and edger the same thing?

Edger vs Trimmer – the Difference. Lawn edgers are made for perfect edges. They define the boundary of your garden beds, paths, and lawn to perfection. String trimmers are made for whacking weeds and grass where your mower can’t reach.

What is the best weed edger?

How do I get perfect edges on my lawn?

  1. Re-cut the edges of your lawn in spring with a half-moon edging tool.
  2. After mowing, trim edges with long-handled edging shears, to cut grass the mower couldn’t reach.
  3. For grass which has grown over onto paths, use a sharp knife to cut the turf and pull pieces away.

How can I cut my edges without a weed wacker?

Why do landscapers take the guard off trimmers?

Here’s the deal, some lawn care pros have found that they can simply see the string better when they edge without a guard on. This allows them to better control the cut the trimmer is making as they walk along the edge they are clearing. Which can allow you to make a straighter cut and a sharper edge.

Should you edge or mow first?

Mow First

By mowing first, you know how short to trim grass along edges and will be less likely to scalp those areas, giving rise to bare or weedy patches.

Are there any trimmers that don’t use string?

The Sharper Blade SB601E Electric Grass Trimmer/Edger is for homeowners and professionals who are dissatisfied with the hassles of traditional string trimmers. It features a maintenance-free blade that lets you trim weeds and edge lawn without stopping.

What’s better straight or curved trimmers?

The drive cable has to be flexible to accommodate the shaft’s curve. As a result, curved shaft trimmers are generally less durable and less suitable for long hours of use than straight shaft trimmers, though braided cables provide some reinforcement. Also, all cable drives on curved string trimmers turn clockwise.

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