Can you earn money in Wattpad?

Wattpad introduces a creator program that can pay writers up to $25,000. Storytelling platform Wattpad is introducing a new creator program for writers that can earn them up to $25,000 in compensation.

Can I earn money by writing stories?

Getting paid to write short stories takes a lot of legwork and dedication, but it is possible. By submitting your stories to online and print publications, considering self-publication of some stories and developing your craft as a storyteller, you can start making money with your fiction writing.

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How do you become a Wattpad creator?

The Wattpad Creators Program is currently open to eligible writers, including those who: Have published a new story part in the last three months. Have at least one completed novel-length story of 50,000 words or more in their catalog. Have at least one story in an eligible genre.

How do I get paid for writing?

How to Make Money Writing
  1. Guest Post on High-Paying Publications and Magazines.
  2. Become a Copywriter.
  3. Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses.
  4. Ghostwrite Stories.
  5. Get Paid to Write on Medium.
  6. Self-Publish on Kindle.
  7. Blog and Make Money through Affiliate Marketing.
  8. Find Paid Writing Internships.

Does Wattpad own your story?

And no, your story does not belong to Wattpad after posting it on there. You can choose to hand in your manuscript to other publishing companies or self-publish after posting it on the platform, but be sure to remember to fill in the copyright before posting the book on the site.

How do you become a writer on Wattpad?

1) You must be engaged on Wattpad. 2) You must have one (1) story that is 50,000 words or more, and is marked COMPLETE. 3) You must also have one (1) story that is new within the last 365 days (1 year). And that story (or another story) must be updated within the last three (3) months.

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How many pages is 50000 words?

Book Length by the Numbers

A 50,000-word manuscript is 200 pages.

How do I get my story noticed on Wattpad?

Promoting your story
  1. Follow other writers and read their work.
  2. Acknowledge follows.
  3. Respond to comments and suggestions on your work and story.
  4. Engage others in conversation.
  5. Ask for advice.
  6. Use short or catchy titles.
  7. Update your fans.
  8. Remember to add a story description (plot synopsis).

Who is the famous writer in Wattpad?

1. Anna Todd. Hailing from Texas, Anna Todd is perhaps the best known of Wattpad success stories.

What is the most successful Wattpad book?

Famous Stories *As of June 2021*
  • MAID AKO NG EX-BOYFRIEND KONG CASANOVA BOOK 1 by @jhuennstorm – 38.5M.
  • Breaking the Bad Boy by @blue_maiden – 38M.
  • Baka Sakali 3 by @jonaxx – 37.8M.
  • A Wife’s Secret by @Princess_Jenpaumevi – 37.4M.
  • Destined with the Bad Boy by @justcallmecai – 37.1M.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad by @beeyotch – 37M.

What country uses Wattpad the most?

Wattpad, a global multiplatform entertainment company with more than 65 million monthly users worldwide, continues its growth in the Philippines with 7 over million monthly users. This makes the Philippines the second largest market after the United States.

Who is the Queen of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen Pacala also known by her pseudonym as Jonaxx, is a Filipino author, born on 23 January 1991 and hailing from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She is currently the most followed Wattpad author worldwide with over 5 million followers and is widely known as the “Wattpad Queen” and “Pop Fiction Queen”.

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How old is Wattpad?

Founded in 2006, Wattpad has grown far beyond the scale of my local library. The platform currently boasts 94 million users and more than a billion uploaded stories, ranging from historical tales to outright fanfiction.

What was Jonaxx first story in Wattpad?

She eventually found her way to Wattpad in 2012 where she first posted Chase and Hearts, then an ongoing story she was still writing. Today, she may be publishing her stories in her own online app, but she remains still the reigning queen of Wattpad.

How old is Jonaxx?

31 years (January 23, 1991)
Jonaxx / Age

What is the most popular genre on Wattpad?

The most popular genres are Romance, YA/teen, Fanfiction, Fantasy (including the supernatural), Science Fiction (including Dystopian), Paranormal, and Suspense (often a mixture such as paranormal with a romance element).

What is the best stories in Wattpad?

Famous Stories *As of June 2021*
  • Secretly Married by @forgottenglimmer – 91.8M.
  • Worthless by @jonaxx – 90M.
  • Ang Mutya Ng Section E (Part Two) The Dark Side by @eatmore2behappy – 88.5M.
  • End This War (Alegria Boys #3) by @jonaxx – 87.7M.
  • The Bad Boy’s Love by @blue_maiden – 86.1M.

What Jonaxx story should I read first?

Read According To Jonaxx’s Recommendation

Start with Mapapansin Kaya and then follow that up with Heartless and Worthless as their stories are interconnected somehow. After that, you can go back to Alegria with the other Alegria Boys books, Baka Sakali and End This War.

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